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Top 10 Most Powerful Women in History



It’s not a shocker that over the course of history, women haven’t been deal the easiest hand. Through crowds of men handed their privilege, they had to push and claw their way to the top, working twice as hard with none of the credit. Here are the most impressive and powerful women that we tip our hats to.



1. Marie Curie
One of the first famous female scientists, this Polish and French genius won the Nobel Prize for two separate categories – the first person to do so, and the first woman, to boot! The first was for radioactivity research while the second was for Chemistry. Later on, she helped create the first X-ray technology.


2. Queen Victoria
This Queen of the UK used over an empire which stretched across six countries for over half a century (63 years to be exact), and the 2nd longest reign ever. The Victorian Era was actually named after this Queen, who rid the British colonies of slavery and accomplished many other positive reforms.



3. Princess Diana
The Princess of Wales met her demise in 1997, but she will never be forgotten thanks to her kindness and humanitarian charity work. Her marriage to Prince Charles might have had its ups and downs, but her generous and compassionate attitudes to the impoverished and disenfranchised was notable.


4. Joan Of Arc
This icon from the 1400s was considered a Saint to Roman Catholics, and a French heroine to the rest of the world. With her supposed visions, Joan rallied French troops to conquer the English, and demonstrated fearless faith and mission of liberation, right up until her death at the stake.


5. Cleopatra
This OG leader was the las Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, known for her extreme intelligence and swift work in improving her country’s economy. She also happed to have an affair with Julius Caesar. A powerful woman needs a powerful man, right? #noscrubs



6. Eleanor Roosevelt
She might have been the First Lady when F.D. Roosevelt was in office, but made a name for herself that made her just as much of a role model. She made strides in human rights as he’d of UN Human rights commission, and helped draft 1948’s UN declaration of human rights.



7. Malala Yousafzai
To this untrained eye, it is just another Pakistani schoolgirl. But anyone who recognized Malala from her plight and brave story knows that she is one of the great minds of our time. After surviving a shot to the head from the Taliban, she continues to campaign for women’s’ right to education, and passionately advocate for the rights of girls.


8. Rosa Parks
This American civil rights activist gained game for her refusal to give up a bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama, leading to some explosive decisions in legislation. Parks was so respected for her humility and dignified sense of pacifism during her campaigning.


9. Borte Ujin
Borte was Genghis Khan’s wife during his time of ruling, and the empress of history’s biggest land empire. She wasn’t just his romantic partner – she was his most trusted advisor and often ruled for long periods in Mongol while he was at war.



10. Margaret Thatcher 
Margaret Thatcher served as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, and was the first woman ever to be PM. Known as the “Iron Lady” to the Soviets due to her hardheadedness. Thatcher always promoted free market economy and was willing to confront the power dynamic of labor unions.