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Top 7 Instagram Trends for 2019


If staying relevant and visible on Instagram is a priority for you in 2019, you should’ve started your research yesterday. The features and experience of Instagram are swiftly improving, but the ever-changing algorithms that accompany them are evolving even faster. 2019’s Instagram is already jumpstarting with some truly innovative changes that will drastically impact social media marketers, influencers, consumers and every-day scrollers in big ways. Here are 7 of the biggest Instagram trends expected to take shape in 2019.



Augmented Reality Story Filters
By allowing third parties to create custom AR filters, Instagram will give users even more leverage to boost their brand awareness. With unique shareable content being the name of the game, AR filters will certainly increase the brands’ capabilities to distinguish their feeds from competitors.



Custom Influencer Filters
A lot of Instagrammers may have already noticed, but IG influencers are beginning to promote what is being coined as “presets,” which are custom filters created with photo editing software. On trend with these influencer filters, more custom products from top IG influencers is expected to start flooding timelines everywhere.


Bigger Focus on Nano Influencers
Nano influencers, users with 5,000 followers or less, are starting to get their time in the spotlight. Huge brands are beginning to partner with Nano influencers to gain more connection with user through their content, as these smaller influencers are seen as more authentic and in touch with the average social media consumer’s habits and user experiences.



Native Instagram Purchasing
This may not be the biggest surprise, but Instagram’s newer feature allowing users to sell products directly from the platform is expected to skyrocket in popularity this year. Capitalizing on this heightened level of convenience and impulse shopping should make this tool increasingly beneficial to brands.


Instagram Story Ads
While this may be feel intrusive to some users, Instagram story ads are actually proving effective for many companies for product sales. IG research shows that over 400 million users interact with Instagram stories on a daily basis, so banking on this feature is a must for any sales-driven brand or business.


Vertical Video
Gone are the days when capturing quality video meant you had to flip your phone to horizontal mode. Vertical video is all the rage now, and is easier to view for the majority of people, as over half of the population does most of their browsing on hand-held devices. Vertical videos are lucrative for brands, as they are seen as more authentic, and can offer a closer view of products and processes, if shot correctly.


Higher use of IGTV
IGTV is another vehicle propelling familiarity and use of the vertical video format, and thus will continue to increase in usefulness for marketers seeking to reach mobile-only consumers. Whether for use in podcasts or product promotion, IGTV is a great tool to use as a mobile-friendly accompaniment to horizontal formatted versions of videos disseminated on other social media platforms. It also allows users to get a more in-depth perspective of mobile-centered brands, as shorter gridlocked content can be reflected in long form on IGTV.