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What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Personality?


If you’re into Zodiac signs, horoscopes, and palm readings – you might find this interesting too. Your fingers can say quite a lot about your personality, and, surprisingly, it’s rooted in science. Research suggests that your digit ratio is determined by which hormone you were exposed to more in the womb: testosterone or estrogen. So there are three basic options for digit ratio and here’s what they can say about your personality: 

Index finger is shorter than ring finger:

Scientists have seen that early exposure to testosterone can affect certain behavioral traits in animals and therefore the same logic can be used for humans. The shorter your index finger is in comparison to your ring finger – the more testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. If this is the case for you, that means that you’re probably good at endurance sports, your spatial awareness is on point and you’re good at puzzles and maths.

Researchers have conducted tests in which a group of women were given testosterone drops and some were given placebo drops. Those who had the testosterone drops showed better results in spatial tests and when doing basic maths. 

On the other hand, greater exposure to testosterone in the womb might mean that you’re less likely to be faithful in the future. Research shows that adults who have shorter index fingers tend to be promiscuous. Another interesting detail is that women who took part in the research were asked about their sexual orientation and those with shorter index fingers admitted to being attracted to other women. 

Index finger is longer than ring finger:

People whose index finger is longer than the ring finger tend to be quite confident. They know what they want and they know how to get it. They are also generally very self-sufficient and don’t really like asking for help. These are the people that like to assume the position of a leader in a group. They’re highly analytical in their thinking and like to figure out all possible outcomes when making a decision. They also don’t have a problem with making the first step, be it in a romantic scenario or in business. 


There are the people that will frankly talk to their boss about needing a pay raise, back their case with all the reasoning why and generally achieve their goal. 

Index and ring fingers are the same length: 

These people are likely to be serial monogamists. They prefer being in a relationship to being single and ready to mingle. These people also are more likely to get married sooner rather than later. Their memory also tends to be better and they rarely forget what they wanted to do, buy or when is their grandma’s birthday. 

These people tend to be very caring. They enjoy taking care of their loved ones, they’re often considered to be the mom of the friend group. They’re also quite peaceful and try to avoid conflict when possible. 

Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to having symmetrical fingers. Apparently, people whose index and ring fingers are the same length are also much more likely to develop depression and anxiety.