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Workouts According to Your Zodiac Sign


Working out might seem like such a chore when you already have so many other things to worry about in your life. Perhaps you’ve even labelled yourself as that person who “hates working out”. But what if you just haven’t found the right kind of exercise for you. What if running marathons or cycling isn’t for you, but perhaps a CrossFit is just right for you. Or perhaps you’re one of those people who hate yoga, but a quick HIIT workout is ideal both in terms of results and the time you’re willing to allot for exercise. Finding the right type of workout or sport generally depends on your personality, especially if you’re trying to find something you’ll stick with and not quit in a week or so. How about picking a workout based on your Zodiac sign? It might seem silly, but it’s worth a try, it might actually be fun.

1. Aries – Cycling Class

Aries need that competitive element in their life, they want to feel like they’re succeeding and being better than others, so a cycling class seems perfect for them. Just cycling would be boring on its own, because if no one can see you be the first and the best, did it even happen? Is it even worth it? But getting to be the best in the cycling class and being at the top of a leader board sounds exactly like what an Aries needs.

2. Taurus – Jogging

Taurus isn’t really made for competitive sports. In fact, they’re generally not a fan of doing hard work, they prefer being chill and cosy all the time. They’d hate a gym class, but going for a run outside and connecting with nature might actually work for them.

3. Gemini – Badminton

Gemini might enjoy tennis or badminton as a workout. It perfectly compliments their dual natural and it requires a friend to go with them and keep them motivated. The friendly competition, coordination and fast reaction that’s required for these kinds of sports will keep a Gemini engaged and entertained.

4. Cancer – Pilates

Cancers are very emotional people and they tend to get very stressed, so they need a workout that will put their mind at ease while helping them gain control of their muscles. Yoga or pilates sounds like the perfect thing for them because of the slow and meditative nature of those. You’re doing slow movements with control, and it works just as well for your muscles, while also keeping your mind focused on the movement.

5. Leo – Dance

Leos love to be in a party setting and if there’s a chance to be the center of attention – that’s even better. A Zumba class or any kind of dance class would be a great place for them. It’s fun, there’s music and a cheerful playlist, and there’s a potential of learning a new dance and showcasing it to their friends.

6. Virgo – Yoga

Virgos need a calm setting to recharge and keep to themselves for a while. So working out in a loud gym class like dance aerobics is their worst nightmare. Yoga should be much more up their alley when it comes to working out.


7. Libra – Ballet

Libras would enjoy finding a balance between a workout that engages every muscle group, but also strengthens their core and improves their posture. Yoga can be too slow and boring, while competitive sports can be too aggressive. However, a barre class has all the elements they need for a good workout, while also being in a dance setting. Plus, it appeals to their love of beautiful things.

8. Scorpio – Martial Arts

Scorpios can get a bit aggressive and intense and they do have a lot of pent up energy and anger a lot of the time. The best way to get fit and blow off steam for them is by taking up a martial art. Boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu or any other material art should do the trick, pick one that speaks to you and get ripped while also learning a valuable skill and a self-defence strategy that might come in handy one day.

9. Sagittarius – Hiking Trail

Sagittarius is made for being outdoors, so gym classes aren’t really for them. They’re much more into hiking, climbing mountains or doing outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding. While it’s summer outside, a nice hike or a picturesque trail might be just the right thing for them.

10. Capricorn – Climbing

This is a bit of an obvious one. Capricorns are kind of like mountain goats, they need to climb to new heights to feel satisfied. So actual mountain climbing would be best for them, but if that’s not an option or you’re just starting out – rock climbing in your local gym is a good option too.

11. Aquarius – Parkour

Aquarius needs a fun workout, so something along the lines or parkour would be great for them. It’ll engage both their muscles and their mind too because parkour is all about finding the best way to get across the obstacle. Alternatively, they might also enjoy learning tricks on a trampoline or even an occasional trapezing class.

12. Pisces – Water Sports

Water sports for Pisces is a given. They’ll enjoy anything that requires them to get in the water. And while swimming laps in a pool might be a bit boring, they’ll love surfing, paddleboarding, diving, water polo and any other aquatic activity.