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10 Dating Red Flags To Notice When Meeting Someone New



Meeting someone new is always a bit awkward and first dates are difficult to navigate. We all get a bit too shy, or try to put our best foot forward but end up saying something stupid. There are certain faux pas that you have to be ready for certain things you could let slide on the first date. But at the same time there are some red flags you should really pay attention to when you meet someone new – they can tell you a lot about this person you barely know.



1. Hygiene
Does their breath smell fresh? Do they have any weird body odors? Are their fingernails all clean and tidy? Trust me, a person who stinks and has dirty fingernails on the first date (a time we’re all trying to look our best) is not someone you want to get to know better. They’re probably a mess.


2. No Manners
Notice if they offer to open the door for you, do they let you order first, are they polite to both you and the waiter at the restaurant. All this will let you know what kind of person they are. If they seem generally nice but order for you and are rude to the staff – they’re not a nice person.



3. Bad Listener
Being on a date is definitely about getting to know each other and keeping the conversation going, but it should be a two way street. If you find that the person you’re out with only waits for their turn to talk but doesn’t really listen to you, instead they’re checking the phone, or constantly interrupt you – they don’t really care about you.


4. Pushing Boundaries
You probably want your boundaries to be respected don’t you? So if this new person is constantly trying to push them it’s not a good sign. If you let them know that you’re not comfortable with something they should respect it. And this isn’t just about intimate things, but even something as simple as asking too many personal questions too quickly and pushing for answers.


5. Being Overly Judgmental
If they constantly complain about something, rant and vent about work, friends family and never seem to see any positive in any situation – they’re not in a good place and probably aren’t relationship material.



6. No Long Term Plans
Living in the moment is great, but everyone should have some sort of long-term plan, a goal they’re working for, things they dream of achieving at least at some point in the future. But if everything is up in the air and they have no plans in terms of relationships, family, work or travel – it’s a red flag. They’re probably not looking for anything serious.



7. Bringing Up Exes
We all have ex-partners and it would be silly to pretend they don’t exist but brining them up on the first date is a bad idea. It’s way too early. The only thing it tells you is that they’ve not moved on and definitely not ready to meet new people. If they say you remind them of their ex – run. They’re still in love with the ex. If they’re mean about them that’s even worse, you don’t want to be the rebound.


8. Mean Teasing
A little flirty teasing can be fun, banter makes conversations way more fun. But if they say something that offends you, don’t pretend it didn’t. Let them know that they’ve taken teasing way too far and they should stop. If they double down or dismiss your complain by saying you’re being too sensitive you’ll know it’s a red flag.


9. They Argue Too Much
Having a healthy debate or a little discussing about things you don’t necessarily agree on can be quite educational and eye opening for everyone, but if they are on a mission to prove a point and continue arguing to the point of anger it’s not a great sign.



10. You Have Nothing In Common
Sort of in line with the previous red flag, but if you have nothing in common why are you even out with this person? If none of your interests overlap, you have opposing views on life and everything, sticking around just cause someone’s visually attractive isn’t worth it.