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10 Reasons to Date a Dog Person Instead of A Cat Person



While cats have the reputation of being a little snooty and doing whatever they want, dogs are more famous for being a shoulder to cry on when you’re feeling down, or providers of a cozy snuggle on a chilly night. That innate kindness is bound to be found in their owners as well – here are the top reasons to date a dog owner.



1. They’re friendly and sociable, whereas cat people are known for being introverted and keep to themselves.


2. They’re very skilled in the art of snuggles, because dogs are filled with an abundance of kindness, whereas cats just show their love selectively, when they want to.



3. They keep active and are sure to have a rockin’ bod due to that. They love going on adventures with their pup, so you’ll always be exploring uncharted territory!


4. They’re considerate. Doggie parents need to put their pup’s need before their own, and empathy is a wonderful quality to have a romantic partner.


5. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They play fun, silly games with their pups and have an overall sense of lightness that is great for romantic relationships.



6. Dogs are famously the best at unconditional love, so that being said, this skill is passed back to their owners. There’s nothing like basking in the warmth of unconditional love from an amazing human and dog.



7. They’re not as stressed out as cat owners. Dogs are such great emotions support buddies that their owners naturally have higher self-esteem, and lower stress levels.


8. They’re not commitment-phobes. Having a dog means a decade or more of commitment, so that person already knows the sacrifices of time, freedom, and energy. These skills probably translate well for a long-term relationship.


9. They’re not easily grossed out by messes. Sometimes, doggos shed all over the place, poo or throw up indoors, or get their muddy paws all over furniture. This means that your partner won’t easily be grossed out by clogged toilets or human messes.



10. Dog owners aren’t selfish. They know they need to put others’ needs ahead of their own sometimes, as many a long, rainy walk with a stubborn dog proves. This shows that a person is considerate – a must for potential bae.