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10 Signs He’s An Egomaniac Who Only Cares About Himself


Love can be cruel and more often than not we end up with people that are more focused on themselves, not really caring about anyone else. How do we fall for that kind of people in the first place? You just need to pay close attention. Here are 10 signs he’s an egomaniac who only cares about himself.



You have to wait for him to get ready
There’s hardly anything more disturbing than a guy taking ages to get ready. If he spends hours styling his hair occasionally asking whether or not he looks fat in those skinny jeans, it’s a sure sign he cares about himself too much.



He’s too worried about what others think
That’s one of the reasons why he spends so much time to look good! He’s all about other people’s opinions and will have a small anxiety attack if you decide to introduce him to your parents. Because he needs to make a great impression no matter what!


He can’t take a joke.
He has a good sense of humour and likes teasing other people, including you, but when someone else makes a joke about him he gets upset. Egomaniacs are very sensitive as to what other people say and think about them and can’t accept the idea that they are flawed in any way.



It’s all about “I” with him
If most of his sentences start with “I” then it’s a sure sign it’s all he actually cares about – his emotions and state of mind. No matter what topic you’re discussing, he always has a story to tell that revolves only around him. You may want to talk about your problems, but somehow the conversation becomes about him!


He doesn’t give back
He’s a type of guy who takes other people and their help for granted and never does anything in return. Yes, that includes you! Do you remember asking him to help with something, but he was “too busy”? And how many times did that happen? It’s a sign he thinks only about himself.




He’s needy
He might act all cool and confident, but when you’re together all your attention should be on him. Distractions are not tolerated! And if he’s hungry and you are not, you will still go to a restaurant. He wants you to adore him and support no matter what, even if you don’t agree with his ideas. That’s the kind of guy he is!


He always has ulterior motives
This one is tricky because you can’t actually read his mind, but eventually you’ll begin to understand whether he is sincere or not. He may be buying you a gym membership, but only because he wants you to look hot so everyone else would envy him. He may tell you to quit your job, but not because he’s so generous – he just wants all your time to himself!


He wants you to be perfect
Because he thinks he’s perfect, he’ll want you to be perfect, too. Even if it means judging you and criticizing your behaviour. He doesn’t care about your boundaries or mood, he wants you to look amazing and act “proper” so other people wouldn’t think he’s dating someone less than perfect.



He doesn’t listen to you
He gets all absent-minded when you speak about yourself, your needs, or issues. He forgets important things you tell him, unless they concern him or the way people view him. He may listen to you for the first few minutes, but quickly loses interest and starts fiddling with his phone or laptop. It’s impossible for an egomaniac to focus on someone else’s needs!


He enjoys taking selfies too much
He’s obsessed with the way he looks and takes selfies all the time. It’s okay if you aren’t in the photo! It’s more important that he looks good. If you check his Instagram and see that more than a half pics there are his selfies, it’s a sure sign he’s an egomaniac who cares only about himself.