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10 Tips for Dating an Introvert


Having an introvert and an extrovert in a relationship can actually be beneficial – they’re the Yin to your Yang, but you function and communicate best when you learn about each other’s needs and limitations. Here’s all you need to know about dating an introvert.

1. Patience is everything. Realize that you get more energy around others rather than alone, and your partner is wire differently. Being supportive and patient is key – this can include giving them space alone and asking if they want support.

2. Create a safe word for social situations that are stressful to your partner, such as being in crowds spaces or extended, public events.

Patience is everything | 10 Tips for Dating an Introvert | Her Beauty

3. Highlight their strengths, like their ability to be alone without feeling lonely. This will encourage them to appreciate your extroverted qualities and how they admire your ability to be social without it depleting your energy.

4. Develop a friend group with other introverts. Friends that thrive off social interaction takes pressure of your relationship, so that the load is lighter on your partner and you can actually enjoy your times together while your social side is still fulfilled.

Highlight their strengths | 10 Tips for Dating an Introvert | Her Beauty

5. Planning is an introvert’s BFF! This goes a long way with introverts, who avoid socializing. However, of you make a set plan on the calendar, they’re forced to commit to it more. They know when their social time is, and when they can make room for downtime.


6. Don’t be judgy! Appreciate what they have to offer instead of trying to change the other person. They might help you slow down and increase introspective qualities.

Don’t be judgy | 10 Tips for Dating an Introvert | Her Beauty

7. Don’t take preferences personally. If they want to be alone, that doesn’t mean they want to be away from you or don’t want you. They just need to recharge in their own unique way.

Don’t take preferences personally | 10 Tips for Dating an Introvert | Her Beauty

8. Ask questions, because sometimes introverts do better with responding to questions instead of volunteering their own thoughts. Allow them time rather than applying pressure.

9. Make sure that you have time just for the two of you. While introverts like solitude, they also just like being alone with each other as opposed to constantly in social scenarios, where you can give each other undivided attention without feeling drained.

Make sure that you have time just for the two of you | 10 Tips for Dating an Introvert | Her Beauty

10. You might have to pay a little more attention to their needs than you would with a non-introvert in a relationship. This means paying attention to physical cues that might mean they’re uncomfortable.