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14 Reasons To Date a Confident Guy



There’s nothing sexier than dating someone who is self-assured with high-self esteem. They don’t project any toxic emotions or insecurities, and generally, make you feel like you’re the queen of their world.


1. He doesn’t play games – he’s a straightforward guy and that’s what draws women to him. In a time of ghosting people and social media creeping, this is very desirable


2. A confident man will rarely get jealous. If there are a bunch of muscle-heads trying to impress you he’ll laugh it off rather than feeling threatened, because he knows you’re the one he’s going home with tonight.


3. He doesn’t waste your time. He’s honest if the chemistry isn’t there and won’t try to manipulate you into a one night stand. He’s not afraid to have an uncomfortable chat and that’s something noble in itself.



4. Because confident people set healthy boundaries. If someone has high self-esteem. They prioritize their needs and emotions, which doesn’t let them lose themselves in a relationship.


5. He never tries to change you according to what you want, because you are exactly what he wants. He maintains his identity in the relationship and expects you to do the same for yourself.


6. He can properly apologize without being afraid of coming off as weak. If he’s hurt your feelings, he always asks how he can make it better, with an apology to boot! #rare, am I right?


7. Ask any woman who’s not afraid to kiss and tell – a confident man has skills in between the sheets that are incomparable to a man with self-esteem issues.



8. Because he pursues her in a way that feels chivalrous but not creepy. If he’s interested, he’ll let her know, and won’t expect her to make the next move.



9. They don’t feel the need to brag or talk themselves up, telling the world how amazing they are. Only insecure people do that. Instead, he reveals himself over time, and doesn’t feel the need to sell himself.


10. They take responsibility for their actions. They don’t blame or gaslight partners or throw around accusations – instead, they realize that they need to take responsibilities for decisions good and bad, using mistakes as a chance to grow.


11. He’s secure with himself, and that’s very sexy. Even more so than money or power.


12. He’s conscious of his shortcomings, but not insecure of them. Instead, he welcomes criticism and invites discussion as opposed to getting defensive or picking fights.



13. His natural leadership extends to every part of his life. People are drawn to his magnetic personality, and he’s also known to volunteer in projects or get involved selfless activities, often leading the charge.


14. He asks questions and is a skilled listener, because he doesn’t crave attention or the spotlight. He simply wants to do good by you, and doesn’t pretend to know everything.