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6 Little Things That Can Cause Big Problems In Your Relationship


Love is what make the world go around. That special connection that you can create with another person is what makes relationships so special. But keeping a relationship on a steady course not always the easiest task. The person you care for the most can often push your buttons better than anyone else. You may love them, but hate the way they chew their food, or their awful snoring habits. Sometimes the smallest of issues can send some of the strongest relationships through the ringer. Here is a list of little things that can cause catastrophic problems in a relationship.


Relationship status can wreak havoc in relationships. Most people have an array of different opinions about what they want, which can also change over time. Whether or not the relationship is “official” or on ice will always be a necessary conversation between two people in a relationship. The difference in opinion or views can cripple one partner, or make them feel like they are underserving of an official status. Either way this six letter word can make or break any relationship.

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Social Media

Nothing is more difficult in a relationship then talking about social media usage. Social media is used to virtually connect with others, but when it comes to a relationship, this connection to others can typically be discomforting to a partner. On the other hand, a person can feel uncomfortable sharing their personal relationship on social media, while another may feel they must show their love to the entire virtual world. In a relationship, determining the appropriate amount of social media can be a daunting task to overcome.


Gifting is an important part of a relationship. But giving a gift can be such a hard thing to do when you’re getting to know a person. Giving the wrong gift can potentially damage your partner’s view of you. This small surprise can turn into a big mess, if you don’t know your love interest well enough.


Family Relationships

Your relationship to your parents and family are the first you ever know. But it’s so important to be open and honest when it comes to how your family dynamic may differ from your partner’s family. It can be hard to juggle the needs of both your family and your partner, but it is an essential topic that must be mastered for the health of your relationship. If you are not able to prioritize both parties, this seemingly insignificant issue can become more severe as your relationship gets more serious.

Physical Affection

Affection is such a huge deal to some people, and a non-factor to others. Knowing whether or not your partner is more reserved with affection, moderately affectionate, or super touchy is one of the first steps to establishing your bond. This is especially true for PDA (public displays of affection), which can end badly if both parties are not comfortable with kissing, holding hands and other acts of affection in public.


Even though it’s not everything in a relationship, intimacy is a huge part of maintaining a strong bond with your partner. It may fly for a while, but lack of intimacy or intimacy issues can ruin a relationship quick.