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7 Benefits Of Dating A Younger Man



It’s pretty customary for men to date younger women, yet we’re expected to date older men. Why though? It’s not like dating someone older guarantees you prosperity and stability anymore. We’re moving further away from the idea of men providing for a woman and closer to equality. At least that’s what we’re striving for. And you know what that means? Dating younger men is becoming more and more popular. Age is but a number and you really shouldn’t stop yourself from dating a guy just cause he’s younger. In fact, there are some benefits to dating a younger man.



1. Better Looks
This one is a no-brainer. While we wish older men all looked like George Clooney, it’s just not the case for 99% of men. If anything they tend to care less and less about their appearance when the years go by. A younger man, however, is way more likely to be in shape, have great hair and just generally be way hotter.


2. Enthusiasm and Fresh Perspective
When you’re dating someone older or your own age you often find yourself having either a similar worldview or you develop an attitude of just not caring about a lot of things. You no longer find much to be surprising. You’ve been there, done that, seen everything. But when you’re dating someone younger there’s a chance you’ll get to see them experience something for the first time, you get to share that moment and enjoy it anew. That kind of enthusiasm is what’s been missing from your life. And you know, them being younger means they might have a different perspective on life which is always refreshing.



3. Less Emotional Baggage
Speaking of refreshing, imagine how awesome it to date someone who doesn’t carry a metric tone of emotional baggage. A younger man just hasn’t had the time to go through all that crap that will make him bitter and awful to be around. They’re young, and carefree and optimistic. Think about what a lovely positive influence that would be.



4. Less Sexism
Younger men are way less likely to be sexist. Most of them are in on the whole equality thing and they are more likely to respect you and see you as an equal, if not look up to you. Imagine that, you’ll never have to hear anything about where’s your place and what you should do. Just respect and admiration. Doesn’t that sound great?



5. More Open-Minded
It’s way more likely for a younger man to be more open-minded in general. Not only about age difference or sexuality, but about life in general. They won’t ask you when are you planning to get married or have children. They won’t expect you to be able to cook. They generally don’t even care if you’ve got a 5-year plan. They’re just up for some good time.


6. More Appreciation For You
Younger men who date older women appreciate them for who they are. You don’t have to worry about doing or saying something wrong. You just get to be unapologetically yourself and be as confident as you want. Younger men are into that. To them you can do no wrong, you’re mature, you know what you want.



7. More Support
While a younger man might not be on the same level as an older man financially, they definitely make up for it in emotional support. A younger man is way more likely to be in tune with his emotions and is way more likely to offer emotional support when you need it, unlike the older men who tend to be very closed off in that sense.