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7 Things That Girls Think Impress Guys But They Don’t


When you are crushing on a guy, it can feel like you want to do any and everything to impress him. This is a pretty common feeling when you like someone new and want to gain their attention. But in reality, if a guy is worth your time, you shouldn’t have to change a thing about yourself. The right guy will accept you for exactly who you are. If you feel like you may be trying too hard to attract a guy or keep one, check out these 7 things that many girls think impress guys but really don’t.

Tons of makeup

It may feel like a guy wants you to be dolled up at all times and that a perfect image is what you must portray at all times, but most men want to see you for who you really are. And that includes your physical appearance.

Extremely high heels

High heels may have a certain allure at first, but eventually most people want to get to know you outside of how you dress.  

Being distant for no reason

This is such a turn off, although many women do this to as a way to get some attention out of a guy they are interested in. This hot and cold, abrupt silent treatment may seem like a good idea, but it actually sends mixed signals and creates unnecessary drama –something most guys are not willing to deal with.

Always saying yes


A lot of woman think that saying yes to everything is the quickest way to gain a guy’s approval. But unless he’s a total narcissist, guys actually don’t like a woman who agrees with everything they say. It gets boring and portrays you as one-dimensional – when you are so not!

Dumbing down your intelligence

If a guy makes you feel bad because you are opinionated and smart, it’s time to hit the road. A worthy suitor will welcome witty banter, challenges to his ideas, and the perspective of an intelligent woman.

Fishing for compliments

Many women are guilty of downplaying themselves to get compliments from a guy, but this is always a bad idea. Saying that you think your hair looks bad or that you wish you had a smaller waist – just to get him to disagree – is a desperate attempt at getting attention. And while you are feigning low self-esteem, all this will do is make you look like you actually have low self-esteem.

Popularity on social media

Whether it’s an Instagram thirst trap or something more subtle like posting multiple selfies all day, being highly active can seem really important in a world where everything is documented online. But if a guy is taking serious interest in you and not chatting you up out of boredom, he likely doesn’t care how many followers you have or how many likes your IG pics get. Social media popularity doesn’t mean a thing in a real relationship.