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9 Small Things Guys Notice About You Even If You Think They Don’t



We tend to think that men don’t really notice the small things. All they care about is looks, right? Well, that’s not exactly true. While men do pay attention to the more obvious things first, they do care about everything else too. They pay attention to the things you say, how you say them, your personality, your views on life, your style, etc. They might not comment on it, but trust me, they notice. So let’s talk about 9 small things guys notice about you even if you think they don’t.



1. Sense of Style
Not all men are clued up on what’s trendy right now. They might not know that mom jeans are what’s in and that flared jeans are coming back, but they can tell in general if you have a nice sense of style and they will compliment you if they see you’ve made an effort. And it doesn’t matter if it’s just a nice pair of jeans and a tee or a fancy dress if you look good in it – he’ll notice.


2. Nails
We don’t really think of men when we get our nails done, it’s more about “me time” and what looks fun to us. We do it for ourselves or maybe to show our girl friends. But men notice and they like it when girls have nice nails. We’re not talking crazy nail art here, but just nice, manicured nails will send the right kind of message to your man.



3. Personality
Your personality is what makes a man stick around or leave. And the consensus here is that no one likes bitter or rude people. We all want someone interesting and nice to hang out with.


4. Scent
It’s weird but scent is a powerful trigger. We tend to remember specific scents and if we smell them somewhere else we instantly remember the person or place we associate them with. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend lots on perfume, men will remember a nice body spray or that your hair always smelled of that cinnamon shampoo just as well.



5. Social Life
We all tend to fall into the same trap of abandoning our social life once we get a partner, but men like it when you have a life outside of a relationship. It shows them that you’re fun and social and people want to be around you. We all need a breather from our partners once in a while, and having a group of friends to hang out with is crucial.



6. Happiness
While us girls might occasionally fall for someone broody (mostly cause we want to make them happy), men generally want you to be a happy person. We’re not saying you should smile more (god forbid they tell you that), but just a healthy dose of optimism and a positive outlook tends to attract men.


7. Self-Esteem
Everyone knows that there’s nothing more attractive than confidence. We like our men to have self-esteem, and men feel the same way about us. It’s just much nicer to hang out with someone who isn’t crippled by their insecurities.


8. Sense Of Humor
Guys value a good sense of humor as much as we do. Let’s be real, why should they always be the ones cracking jokes and making us laugh? If you can make him laugh too, he’ll never want to leave. After all, couples that have inside jokes really do seem like the happiest couples out there.



9. Open Heart
We’re often told that all men are looking for one thing only if you know what I mean. But a lot of the time they’re also looking for love. And most of the time they have to make that first step, which must be terrifying. So they really appreciate it if you keep your heart open, your intentions clear and don’t stomp all over them while they’re being vulnerable.