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First Date Ideas & What They Say About Him



When a guy is picking out the location for your first date, it’s a good way to get some insight into his personality. Is he more of the rowdy party type, or a quiet intellectual? Here are some of the most popular first date choices and what they say about potential bae.



1. Going to a local movie theater
This could go either way but definitely means no initial fireworks – it’s hard to gauge chemistry if you automatically sit in silence, in the dark for two hours and watch a movie, but maybe he can redeem himself with follow up drinks or dinner. It might mean he’s antisocial or a bit awkward.


2. Getting drinks at a club
This is a red flag that the dude is a party animal and needs booze and pulsating music to socialize. It might mean he has intentions to get you drunk, and it probably means he’s a narcissist. Keep an eye out for better prospects at whatever club he takes you to.



3. Going to a carnival or amusement park
This is a sure sign that your guy is fun and adventurous. He chose an innocent date with not ulterior motives, and shows that he has the potential to be a family man. Plus, he wants to spend lots of time with you since this is a full day type of activity.


4. Fancy dinner at a restaurant
No girl is going to be upset at this prospect, and this is a rather safe first date bet. However, it’s not the most creative idea and if you’re an out of the box, unconventional girl, this guy might be a bit boring for you


5. Going to a sports game
If you’re not an athletic chick, this is probably your worst nightmare. But if you have a competitive streak, like rowdy environments, and are an extrovert, you’ll be charmed by this life of the party who’s down for whatever.



6. Invited over for dinner
It might seems sweet that a guy invites you over to his house to cook for you – something out of a rom com, right? No. That’s reserved for later in the relationship, and this is just a glorified booty call.



7. Invites you to a friend’s party
This is weird because it’s too soon to meet his friends, but he obviously wanted to kill two birds with one stone by inviting you to his homie’s party for a first date. This means that he didn’t want to cancel his plans or miss out on a party just to hang with you.


8. Coffee date
A lot of people think that this is more of a platonic move than a romantic one. It’s in the daytime, and takes up less time than a dinner date. But he might just be testing the waters and see if it’s worth taking the next step. As soon as you charm him, we’re sure he won’t be able to resist.


9. Art exhibit
This is a pretty cool first date – even if you don’t get along, you got to experience some art. A guy taking you on this date is sophisticated and cultured, or at least wants you to think that he is. Check for authenticity!



10. Picnic
A picnic is one of our favorite date choices. It’s bold – there’s no distractions. Just you, him, and nature. No room for phones to avoid eye contact, like you can at a bar. He really wants to get to know you if he planned a whole picnic – this can make you anxious, but as soon as you smile at each other, it’ll melt away.