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Impress Bae With These Impressive Kissing Techniques


What’s the formula for the perfect kiss? While everyone has their own kissing style, you’ve probably developed a routine with your partner where you kiss them the exact same way whenever you see each other. However, kissing in a new way is a fantastic way to spice up your relationship and can even contribute towards foreplay in the bedroom. Here are the best kissing techniques to try with anyone from a crush to a long-term partner. 

1. Teasing kiss

What’s better than teasing bae? First, you’ll do it verbally. When talking to your partner about how much you love them, get so close that your lips brush up against theirs when you’re talking. Speak in a low and seductive whisper. They’ll automatically go in for the kiss, but don’t let them — your job is to pull away and tease in a coy way, building that tension so that when the kiss finally does occur, that sensation is more explosive than fireworks. 

2. Triangle kiss

This starts with you giving your partner a sensual kiss on the lips. Then, kiss his cheek. After this, kiss the side of his neck, and then go back to his lips, forming a triangle. Giving kisses all over the face and neck area can be a truly passionate experience, and by the time you circle back to those lips a second time, you’ll be irresistible to your partner. Don’t rush this one — it’s all about going slow. While innocent enough to do around people, there are certainly steamier places that this can go. 

3. Light nibbles

Nibbling and biting are great ways to drive any man or woman crazy. Don’t bite down hard — you don’t want to draw blood! Instead, as you pull away from the kiss, give their lower lip a little nibble or even a slightly stronger love bite if he’s into that sort of thing. Also known as the one-lip kiss, you can focus on just one lip in a slow and gentle move that can end up being super romantic. Ears are also a popular nibbling location since they’re very sensitive and are a common erogenous zone for many. 

4. Slight sucking


Hickeys are so early 2000s. They’re also supremely awkward to explain at work or school and you might need to wear a turtleneck or scarf for a few days. Still, sucking on bae’s neck is totally fine — just don’t treat your mouth like a vacuum and suck as hard as possible, as this will inevitably leave a mark. Instead, do it lightly or for a short duration if you’re doing it more intensely. Sucking on his bottom lip is also a big turn-on, and sucking his fingers can really take things to the next level and escalate things more quickly. 

5. Ticklish kisses

If you haven’t heard of ticklish kisses, they’re a must-try! A ticklish kiss involves tickling your partner’s lip using the tip of your tongue. You can also start to massage and caress their lips if you’re ready to move beyond a tickling sensation. That light touch will send goosebumps down their spines and also gives a single that you’re down to French kiss. Use this move right at the beginning of your make-out session and it’ll linger in their mind for days.

6. Non-kisses

Of course, kisses don’t have to be frisky and extra sensual all the time. There are many different ways to kiss, and your partner is probably already obsessed with your lips and kissing you, regardless of the technique used. You can even do Eskimo kisses, which require rubbing the tips of your noses together, or a butterfly kiss, which involves batting eyelashes against the other person’s skin. However, if you are trying to spice up a slightly predictable routine, this versatile range of techniques is the best way to do so.