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Top 10 Scientific Reasons Why Marriages Fail


No matter how much love is shared between a couple in the beginning, some unions just aren’t meant to last. Although there are so many reasons why two love birds should stay together, there are some pretty unavoidable pitfalls every married couple has to overcome to make it last forever. Check out these 11 reasons why marriages are scientifically doomed to fail.



Moving In Before Marriage
The honey moon phase of a relationship can make you feel like you are ready to go all the way and move in together. But if two people don’t know each other well enough, sharing the same space all day every day can lead to unavoidable problems and constant aggravation.



Poor Communication
The key to a successful relationship is communication, and without it, no two people can sustain a positive and healthy connection with each other.

Unequal or Lack of Financial Stability
Another important aspect of a marriage is financial stability. Between mortgages or rent, car expenses, and any other shared marital costs, having equal footing or monetary contribution is essential to the longevity of a relationship.




Extra-marital affairs
Nothing can ruin a marriage faster than infidelity. If one partner in a marriage has an affair, it can be nearly inconceivable for the other to ever regain trust and respect for the guilty party.

Complacency and Comfort
It is human nature to become comfortable with someone you love and who loves you back. But at times, if married couples are not careful, comfort can lead to complacency, and no one likes a partner who no longer puts in the effort they did at the beginning of the relationship.



Disinterest in Their Partners
When sparks first fly, it can seem that the allure and intrigue of a person will last forever. But after an extended amount of time with the same person, it is sometimes unavoidable that one partner may lose interest in other — or become bored and disinterested.

Tragic Events In Personal Life or Family Members
When tragic events happen to one individual in a marriage — such as death or illness of a family member — it can become hard for the other partner to deal. The mourning process — or caring for an ill loved one— can have a huge effect on all aspects of the marriage, leaving the counterpart of the relationship feeling vulnerable, lonely, or forgotten.

Domestic Violence
One of the worst turns a relationship can take is when one partner begins to physically or verbally abuse the other. No one deserves treatment that ends in physical or mental harm, and when this occurs, the best outcome is for the marriage to end.



Old baggage from previous relationships can bring complications into a marriage, and can make one feel insecure about how their partner views them. This can lead to unfair accusations, unattainable expectations, and many other issues in a relationship.

Lack of Validation
When in a marriage, sometimes one partner can need so much validation from the other person that they lose themselves within their role in the relationship. This can lead to one partner taking themselves for granted or totally forgetting their own personal needs.