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What Type Of Girlfriend You Are According To Astrology



Astrology can tell you lots of things – from the colours that suit you best to pets you should own or plants you should grow. Relationships are no exception! You’ve probably noticed certain patterns in your behaviour whenever you’re trying to build a relationship with someone – this is your Zodiac sign at work! Some traits of your character are all over the stars, so it’s easy to tell what type of girlfriend you are.



Taurus is dedicated
Taurus girlfriends are passionate about their relationships to a point when it becomes a bit too much. They are the types to look through their boyfriend’s smartphone while he’s sleeping. At the same time they are devoted to their partner and nothing will ever make them doubt the choice they’ve made.


Virgo is steady
Virgo girlfriends are a bit shy when it comes to attention, but rock solid when their boyfriend needs some serious help. They are supportive, logical, and incredibly strong, especially for the people they care about. Sometimes a bit too much! But this is what makes them such great girlfriends – you can always rely on them no matter what.



Capricorn is reserved
Capricorn girlfriends have a hard time letting go. They are all about self-control and moderation. If they have a certain routine they follow, nothing will change after they start dating a guy. That’s how much they value order! Having their own rhythm in everything is what draws people to them. Partners are likely to adapt and even adopt some of their habits.


Gemini is hard to get
Gemini girlfriends are loving, caring, and incredibly curious about life, which makes them perfect partners to spend lots of time with. It’s never boring! Yet they are scared of commitment and don’t like to feel chained to a person. This makes their boyfriend feel like he’s always chasing the Gemini girl but never actually catches her.


Libra is the BFF
Libra is the ‘best friend’ girlfriend that is incredibly rare and attractive. Libra ladies like to build relationships with people and make sure all those people are healthy and happy. That’s how their love relationships start as well! Their friendliness is irresistible, but there is one thing Libras need to be aware of – being best friends with a guy you date is great, but don’t forget there should be passion, too!


Aquarius is a mystery
Aquarius ladies love to think about things, they do it even when they’re truly madly deeply in love! Their analytical mind simply can’t stop, that’s why it is hard for them to express all that they feel as they spend so much time trying to figure it out instead of just living it. Aquarius girlfriends are also very reserved and like to keep their emotions to themselves, which often leaves their boyfriends guessing as to where they stand.




Aries is a diva
If you take any power couple, chances are the celeb woman in it is an Aries diva. Aries girlfriends are determined, goal-oriented, and have everything under control. They won’t date just anyone, so if they choose a partner, they make sure they’re moving in one direction. It’s all about ambition with these ladies!


Leo is self-centred
Leo girlfriends are a mix of warmth and need to have all the attention to themselves. It’s just how they roll! Leo ladies are hard to deal with because they’d never admit to being wrong or have any flaws. That’s why relationships with them tend to be hard on the boyfriend most of all as he always ends up being wrong.


Sagittarius is cheerful
Sagittarius might very well be the most cheerful girlfriend on the list. She is happy, sweet, light, and incredibly adventurous. She loves to travel and will definitely drag her boyfriend along whether he wants it or not. Her cheerful personality is a huge magnet that is impossible to resist, that’s why she has lots of male friend, which always makes her boyfriend a bit insecure about things.


Cancer is loving
Cancer girlfriends have a caring and nurturing nature. They put their man in the centre of all things and surround him with love and attention. But even these sweet ladies have their bad days – that’s when they become moody, overbearing, and hard to be around.



Scorpio is passionate
Scorpio girlfriends really don’t like to talk about their feelings – they’d rather head straight to action. That’s why they’re known to be impulsive, passionate, and emotional. All these traits are quite irresistible for guys, that’s why Scorpio’s boyfriend probably considers himself the happiest man on Earth.


Pisces is a princess
Pisces is a girlfriend that came straight out of a fairy tale. She’s gentle, kind, dreamy, and incredibly romantic, which is not something you see every day in the modern world. This is why Pisces’ boyfriend may often feel that she’s not very independent, but her dreamy nature is exactly what attracted him in the first place. It may seem like Pisces need saving or protection, but this is not true. They just need to show their independence more!