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What is UHT Milk And What Are the Benefits of It?

Pasteurization has been the name of the milk game for a long time now. In our modern world, along with other health advances, scientists realized that if milk wasn’t sterilized after being extracted from the cow, goat, or sheep, toxic bacteria and spores can enter our bodies and prove to be potentially lethal. Normal pasteurization kills most of those germs, it doesn’t nec-essarily get rid of all of them. The solution? Meet UHT milk.

8 Things You Should Always Have In Your Fridge

One of the biggest transitions into adulthood is learning how to cook meals for yourself consistently. Cooking saves money and it generally helps you eat healthier. But with the busy lives we lead as women, it’s not always easy to go grocery shopping on a regular basis. That’s why it’s great to have some basic things in your fridge. This is the life hack to being able to create a great meal, even when you are in between grocery store visits, or even in between paychecks.