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The Biggest Magazines Recommend This Viral Foot Mask. See Why

Foot Peel Mask by Plantifique has attained media attention after going viral on TikTok. Foot peeling challenges featuring the excellent foot exfoliator have taken the Internet by storm. The viral peel has also graced a variety of notable sites and magazines — Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, InStyle, Daily Mail and BuzzFeed. People are raving about the Plantifique product. Let’s explore why the Foot Peel Mask should be your next purchase. 

Painless procedure. Callus-free results. Moisturizing effect 

Plantifique Foot Peel Mask is helpful for dry, thickened soles. It contains natural extracts, which exfoliate the dead skin cells on your feet. Simultaneously, the mask hydrates your feet, leaving them smooth and baby soft, free from rough patches and calluses. The peeling marvel takes an entire layer of skin off painlessly. You won’t experience any discomfort during the exfoliation process.  

At-home and Money-saving Alternative to Pedicures

You won’t have to worry about showing your peeling feet in public. After soaking your feet in warm water for up to 20 minutes, all you have to do is slip your calloused, rough feet into the exfoliating socks. The mask will start working immediately, penetrating to the deepest layer of the skin to remove calluses. The magic begins around Day 3 or 4 when the dead skin will start to shed. The process can last up to a week to unveil fresh and soft feet.

Safer and More Nourishing than Regular Foot Peels 

The Plantifique masks do not contain harsh or aggressive chemicals such as parabens or sulfates — widely used in other exfoliating peels. The product comes in four natural options: Peach, Strawberry, Avocado and Vitamin A+E. Peach kernel, an oil extracted from the pit of a peach, is astonishing at regenerating your skin cells. Strawberry helps to soften and revitalize the skin on your feet. Avocado speeds up skin repair, boosts collagen production and replaces old cells. Vitamin A and E enhance the skin’s elasticity and softness. 

Why you should exfoliate your feet

Say Goodbye to Summer Calluses 

The summer months are notorious for wreaking havoc on your feet and often lead to painfully dry, cracking skin. After months of record-breaking heat and walking in sandals or flip-flops, perpetually dry soles and cracked heels are inevitable. No matter how well you look after your feet, they need a little TLC. Sure, wearing fluffy socks with boots can help comfort and hide your weathered feet, but calluses and dry skin are never a good look, no matter the time of year. Remove that rough skin using Foot Peel Mask by Plantifique. 

Hydrate Feet During The Winter 

Winter may be the driest season of all when it comes to your feet. While it may snow, the lower temperatures tend to eliminate any humidity from the air. Our bodies work best when the air supports their efforts to stay hydrated at all times. Winter’s dryness can cause painful cracking if you have tough, dry skin. Don’t let this happen: let Plantifique take care of your feet. 

Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Excessive sweating and worn-out shoes can be the culprit for smelly feet. However, dead skin on your feet is another odor trap. Old, dead skin absorbs dirt and odors from shoes and socks. By removing dead skin regularly, you can get rid of any unflattering smells left by your feet.

Keep Your Feet Healthy

When dead skin accumulates on your feet, they are more likely to crack. It can be excruciating, making it nearly impossible to wear specific footwear. If your feet get too dry, they can even bleed. In addition, because dead skin clogs the pores on your feet, it’s increasingly likely that your feet could become infected. Exfoliation can help prevent your feet from becoming dry and cracked and protect you from health complications.

Make Your Feet Feel Beautiful

Dry, cracked feet can cause you to feel self-conscious, causing you to avoid wearing certain shoes. Removing the dead skin on your feet leaves you with smooth, healthy feet you can show off proudly. You no longer have to feel like you need to hide your feet. You’ll confidently wear sandals or go barefoot without hesitation.

Plantifique Foot Peel Masks promise to eliminate dead skin, calluses and odor, leaving your feet feeling super moisturized and like they just stepped out of a salon. Your dry, cracked skin will peel away to reveal smooth skin. Plantifique Foot Peel is just what you may need for a little revamp.