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11 Perfect Beauty Tips for Summer


Summer is finally here and this means not only the weather will change, but also your wardrobe and beauty routine. Hotter days make us crave more liquids, fruits, and lighter meals. We also change our skincare to add more moisture to the quick-drying skin and sun protection on all open areas. In other words, there’s a lot you need to remember to stay pretty, healthy, and happy during summertime! Here are 11 perfect beauty tips for this summer.

Use sunscreen

This is probably the number one health and beauty tip for hot summer months. Sunscreen is your new best friend and you better apply it generously to all open areas, including arms, neck, ears, feet, and your face, of course. Make sure you choose the one that protects you from both UVB and UVA rays, and don’t hesitate to freshen it up from time to time. Even the strongest sunscreen wears off pretty fast, especially if you’re outside for a long time or get in contact with water.


Your skin loses moisture really fast during hot summer days, so it’s best to create a steady moisturizing routine and follow it daily. Your skin is getting exposed to more sun than ever, especially if you’re taking long walks, hikes, or spend time at the beach, so it’s important to give it all the hydration it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Dehydrated skin gets damaged easily and is prone to acne.

Change your foundation shade

The pale winter and slightly less pale spring is over, and now it’s time to rock that sun-kissed look! This means your skin will naturally get a bit darker due to suntan. If you don’t want to look paler than you actually are in summer, invest in a foundation that matches your summer skin tone. You will look so much better with it!

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the perfect ingredient for you summer skincare products, as well as revitalizing drinks. It can hydrate you inside out! It has anti-inflammatory properties that will ward off any skin damage, which makes it a perfect aftercare for your suntanned skin. Use an Aloe Vera cream or lotion after you’ve been out in the sun for a long period of time to keep it smooth and silky. Drink Aloe Vera juice to detox and get a rejuvenating boost of freshness.

Try cream eyeshadow

Summer means more sweat and oil on your skin, so it would be wise to try wearing a smudge-free cream eyeshadow that offers much more waterproofing compared to powdered eyeshadows. You sweat a little bit and those eyeshadows travel all over your face! Cream eye-shadow is water-resistant and can double as a highlighter depending on the colour you choose.


Use lip stain

If going completely makeup-free isn’t your cup of tea during warm summer days, then how about going as light as possible with it? This means ditching lipstick for some super light lip stains you can barely feel on your lips. They come in various shades and stay on your lips for hours without smudging. What’s not to like?

Exfoliate carefully

It’s just as important to exfoliate in summer as it is in winter, but you should do it more carefully, preferably in the evening. When you exfoliate you remove the outer skin layer, exposing new sensitive skin to the environment. This means no going out in the sun after you do this procedure! It can seriously damage your skin.

Go bold with nail polish

This summer is all about bold colours, so why not have fun with your nails as well? Everyone is going crazy over neons, especially pinks and oranges, so you can start with these vibrant colours. But keep it in mind that your outfit may change, but the nail polish won’t! So it has to match at least a few of your looks, including sandals and slippers.

Go wavy with your hair

Nothing says summer like those wavy beachy hair styles. It’s the most natural way to wear your hair even when ocean is not around. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair – embrace those curls! Use a little product to keep them moisturized, make a lose bun, and you’re good to go! Women with straight hair can ditch the flat iron and opt for a more natural look as well. Summer is for messy hair with a bit of hair product that will tie everything together.

Protect coloured hair

If you have coloured hair you need some extra protection to keep that colour intact during summer days. If you’re planning to go swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool, make sure you rinse your hair first so it gets wet with the water that doesn’t contain salt or chlorine. Those can greatly damage your hair colour! Don’t forget to protect your hair from the sun rays by wearing a hat, a light scarf, or by using a special hair protecting spray.

Eat fruits & veggies

We are naturally drawn to eating more fruits and fresh vegetables in summer for a reason. They are packed with fibre that helps us feel satiated, offering more vitamins and minerals with less calories compared to other meals. Fruits like melons and watermelons are perfect to keep us hydrated during hotter days, and you can turn them into awesome hydrating face masks, too! Drink fruit juices and green smoothies to boost your health and look more beautiful than ever.