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14 Female Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully


Most celebrities don’t age as well as they do without the help of plastic surgery and injectables. Still, aging with grace rather than trying to turn back the clock with surgery is a feat that few have accomplished in La La Land. Here are the top female celebs who have embraced their age and look even better because of it. 

1. Cindy Crawford

It’s insane to think that Cindy Crawford was born in 1966, especially since she looks like she could be sisters with her daughter Kaia. Her secret is apparently not wearing too much makeup, which can age you. She also has an anti-aging skincare line and abides by the Zone Diet.

2. Meryl Streep

Meryl has been present in every era of film for the last several decades, and she’s aged flawlessly with each role. Not only is she a fabulous actress — her skin, bone structure, and body at 71 are absolutely slammin’. She even pulls off reading glasses! 

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3. Jessica Lange

At 71, Jessica Lange’s secret to aging so well must be her sassy and exuberant personality. She hasn’t lost any spice as she gracefully glided into her senior years. Instead, she assumed an empowered boss mentality that puts her at the top of the pecking order of Hollywood queens. I mean, have you seen AHS?

4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry was born in the ‘60s, yet she doesn’t look a day older than 30. A rigorous fitness routine and a diet free of sugar and bread help her look like such a glamazon, and she also stays hydrated from vegetables and plenty of water. A diabetes diagnosis at 19 is what shaped her strict regimen.

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5. Julia Roberts

Whether she’s 20 or 50, one thing about Julia Roberts hasn’t changed through the years — her radiant, dazzling smile. She truly doesn’t look like she’s aged more than a day, and maybe her genuine happiness and stress-free attitude are responsible for that. 

6. Emma Thompson

One of England’s greatest gems, Emma Thompson has pulled off two impossible feats — aging with grace and still looking like a hottie as she consistently rocked short hair. She’s said that aging has made her feel “so powerful and so calm.” She’s also a champ for natural beauty, as a co-founder of the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League. 

7. Brooke Shields


According to Brooke Shields, she’s drinking less liquor and more water, getting more sleep, and frequently working out. She also uses SculpSure to maintain her natural glow — it’s a procedure that uses lasers to kill fat cells and eliminate them through the lymphatic system.

8. Julianne Moore

As she heads into her 60s, Hollywood’s favorite redhead is absolutely thriving. She’s publicly condemned plastic surgery, but not all of us can look like such babes into their senior years! She prefers a more natural look, and we see that in many of her red carpet appearances. Her secret? SPF!

9. Madonna 

Madonna is serving up serious mega babe vibes — she may have aged, but she’s still wearing looks that bring out her youthful, and trendy personality. Once an icon always an icon! Apparently, that famous six-pack comes from Barre3 classes and sessions with trainer Nichole Winhoffer.

10. Sharon Stone 

Ever since “Basic Instinct”, audiences knew that Sharon Stone would be a formidable presence in Hollywood. Since then, she’s embraced time and its natural way of things, but surprisingly, Is all about moderation. She doesn’t have a regular routine, but does eat a diet full of whole grains and lean proteins. 

11. Angela Bassett

If this goddess published a book with all her beauty secrets, we would pay an obscene amount of money, because… look at her. Somehow, it seems like Angela looks even better in her 60s than she does in her 20s. In interviews, she’s sick of people telling her how young she looks — but we’ll never get sick of looking at Bassett’s classic beauty. 

12. Jodie Foster 

This LGBTQ celebrity has been in the biz since she was a kid, but she never let it get to her head. In 2018’s “Hotel Artemis”, we’re still crushing on her just as hard as we did in “Silence of the Lambs” She’s aged naturally, and maybe we can credit that to her happy marriage to Alexandra Hedison.

13. Michelle Pfeiffer

Even in her 60s, Michelle is the definition of a blond bombshell. She always has that low-maintenance, Cali girl vibe with her tousled beach waves, and totally laid back attitude. Maybe that’s the key — after all, they do say that stress ages you.

14. Demi Moore

Want to look like Demi Moore? Adopt a raw vegan diet, like she did. If you don’t get bored of smoothies and soups, you can have this work of art for a body, which even twenty-something year olds are jealous of. Demi maintains that the first step to looking great is accepting and loving your body, and we agree.