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8 Stunning Celebrity Flower Hairstyles


You might think wearing flowers in your hair or going for a flower crown is a bit silly and at this point kind of overrated and “been there done that, goodbye Coachella”, but let us tell you, it’ll never go out of style. Sure there are boring ways of doing it, but there are also a million ways to wear real flowers and even flower crowns and make them look chic, stylish and unique. After all, can you think of anything more feminine than wearing flowers in your hair? Exactly. So here are 8 8 celebrities wearing flower hairstyles in very interesting and unique ways, we hope it’ll inspire you to experiment with your hair and consider giving flowers in your hair a chance.

1. Lucy Boynton At Met Gala 2019

Here’s Lucy Boynton at the Met Gala rocking a flower crown and looking spectacular. Obviously, those aren’t real flowers, they’re made of fabric, possibly the same fabric her dress is made of. But you’ve got to admit that matching them to the dress and adding those crystals to the band and painting on those lashes with sparkly eyeliner pulled together a very ethereal and mesmerizing look.

2. Emilia Clarke At Met Gala 2019

Emilia Clarke also had some flowers added to her very real Dolce and Gabbana crown she’s wearing. There’s a chance that this look would’ve been very metal heavy, royal and almost authoritative if it wasn’t for the flowers. But those little purple flowers and the two little roses really added a bit of freshness and playfulness to her look. We stan a queen who wears flowers in her hair.

3. Jasmine Sanders AyMet Gala 2018

We’ve seen people weave small field flowers into their braids, but how often do you see that done with little rosebuds. Not that often, am I right? A unique and clearly beautiful idea. It’s a beautifully contrasting choice with her blonde hair, sparkly dress and a very natural makeup look.

4. Elle Fanning At The Maleficent Premiere

We love this loo Elle Fanning wore to the Maleficent premiere. It’s not a flower crown, it doesn’t even look like some flowers she just tucked in her hair. It looks like a natural continuation of her dress that just extends onto her hair. How freaking cool is that?


5. Jennifer Lawrence At Mother! Premiere

Jennifer wore a flower crown to the Mother! Premiere, but instead of it going on top of her hairstyle, this one wrapped under her messy updo. We also noticed that some of the flowers matched her eye makeup – what a nice touch.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker is not a stranger to strange hats and hair accessories, we’re kind of used to seeing her do something very loud and out there with hair accessories. But for the Met Gala 2014, she chose a classy and quite minimalist (for her) approach of just three white flowers wrapped under her big and voluminous updo.

7. Selena Gomez AT Met Gala 2015

At the 2015 Met Gala Selena Gomez went for a very girly yet classy hairstyle. A slicked back updo with stunning white orchids framing her head. It’s incredibly feminine and worked very well with that gorgeous white dress she was wearing.

8. Hailey Bieber At Met Gala 2018

You’d think putting a flower crown on top of a pink bob haircut would just look basic and very “summer music festival” like. But by choosing beautiful flowers and pairing it with beautiful earrings and a very light flowy, almost fairy-tale like dress Hailey Bieber looked very chic at the Met Gala 2018.