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Body Positive Account Curvy Girls VIP Celebrates Curvy Girls In All Forms


There are tons of accounts celebrating girls with skinny figures, but not enough celebrating the diverse range of body types that exist out there. Luckily accounts like Curvy Girls VIP are starting to pop up and show love to women of all shapes and sizes. 

Body positivity is a social movement focused on the acceptance of all bodies, and Curvy Girls VIP is a part of that movement. Beyond celebrating women of larger sizes, these uplifting accounts also act as a fashion guide for plus-size girls to look and feel their best. Here are all the queens worth celebrating on Curvy Girls VIP.

In this IG repost, this curvy queen shows off different curvy-friendly looks by plus-size fashion guru @curvyabbyelisabeth. She’s helping prove that plus-size girls can still look sexy and stylish in outfits.

Lots of plus-size girls have trouble buying swimsuit or bikini that fits and looks flattering since so many brands cater to size zeros. Luckily, thanks to the body positivity movement, many brands are creating the looks that bigger girls deserve. Here’s model Chloe Marshall looking absolutely ravishing in one-piece and two-piece swimsuits.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! This queen, aka actress and model Nzinga Imani is glowing from the inside out in a fabulous animal print bra that shows off her curves and fringed pants. It’s serving up a total 1970s vibe and we’re loving it!

This look is expensive and screams “I’m on vacation!” A tropical skirt paired with a gold chain necklace and a white button-down that’s not buttoned but tied and styled like a crop top. 

Now, this is how you do plus-size formalwear. Paula Martins is slaying in this long blue gown with sheer paneling and a stunning thigh-high slit. It’s hugging her in all the right places and her confidence seriously completes the look. 

Here’s famous plus size model Tess Holiday serving up her classic fierce look with a shirt that encourages change, acceptance, and equality. 

Heading to an interview or want to look more corporate at work but are afraid of looking too stuffy? Pair your blazer and camisole with some figure-fitting jeans rather than formal trousers. The result is sophisticated business casual, but still youthful.


Plus size nightgown does not need to be comfy! This adorable sleepwear is a repost from fashion guru Abby Elizabeth — it’s flattering but not too tight around the midriff, and hits right above the knee. This is a look that’s as flattering as it is comfortable. 

Curvy Brazilian model shows how to do beach coverups right. The chunky necklace and hat perfectly match, while her off-the-shoulder, flowing maxi dress looks like a comfortable and lightweight option to wear by the water. 

If you want to go monochromatic, don’t be shy! This outfit is perfect on this babe wearing glasses — with flowing materials and graceful lines, the look is bohemian with a hint of boss babe.

Ruching can be extremely flattering on plus-size body types, as can choosing a material with some texture like this sparkly two-toned piece. Of course, the fact that her body is jaw-dropping probably helps accentuate the effect.

Sometimes, going gray can be blah and can hide your curves rather than showing them off in the right way. Instead, spice it up with some texture like this ribbed turtle neck dress look with more narrow piping on the top. 

We love how Tess Holiday has no fear about trying bold looks in her makeup, accessories, and outfit. She’s a role model that reminds us all to embrace and express our true selves. Here, she’s serving up strawberry shortcake vibes with bedazzled eye accessories and a strawberry print dress.