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Flattering Short Haircuts for Your Face Shape


If you’ve never tried a short hair style, chances it’s at least crossed your mind once or twice. Many think that their personal style is not right for a short cut. But one of the most essential aspects of a short haircut is choose a style that complements your face shape. If the right style is chosen by face shape, anyone can gorgeously pull off a short do. From round and oval to square and long shaped faces, there is a short hair cut that will look beautiful on everyone. If you are ready to take a leap and make the big chop, check out these flattering short haircuts for your face shape. 

Short haircuts for round faces

Pixie cuts are the perfect short hair cut for round faces, as this cut gives the appearance of elongation. The voluminous texture that pixie cuts are known for will give height to the top of the head, which gives the face more dimension and length. The shorter the hair cut the better for round shaped faces. 

Short haircuts for oval faces

Oval faces are made for dramatic cuts. An angular bob will help to maintain the soft curvature of the face as well as create definition and playfulness. The key for oval faces is to consider the chin by balancing it out with layered, angled cuts. 

Short haircuts for square faces 

Shoulder length hair is a square shaped face’s best friend. With square faces, the jaw and forehead are the most prominent features and must be complemented properly to avoid making the face appear overly angular. Hair reaching just past the jawline will help to soften the jawline and give the face a romantic, alluring look. 


Short haircuts for long faces  

Long faces are best complemented by lobs. Lobs, or long bobs, are an effective tool for shortening the appearance of the chin and forehead. A curly or waved lob is perfect for adding volume to the sides of the face. This helps to give an overall more balanced look to long shaped faces. 

Short haircuts for rectangle faces      

For rectangular shaped faces, the goal is to make the face appear less long. One perfect hair cut for rectangular faces is fringed bangs. Keep the bangs full up to the eyebrows and straight, or side swept. Layers are also great for rectangular faces to add volume to the sides of the face. A beautiful cut for rectangle shaped faces is a bob that is longer than the jaw line, paired with the fringe bang. This will help to take the attention away from the jaw line, as well as soften the neckline with an appearance of feminine allure.  

Short haircuts for heart-shaped faces     

The way to flatter accentuate heart-shaped faces with short hair cuts is to play up on the full cheekbones and slender chin. Wispy, layered cuts are perfect for heart shaped faces, as well as side sweeping bangs. These hairstyles will bring balance to the width of the face.