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The Meaning Behind Various Eyebrow Shapes In Face Reading


Eyebrow trends have constantly changed over the years, from ultra-thin brows to natural and bushy-chic; there’s more to eyebrows than just being a beauty trend. In fact, just by studying these small facial features, you can determine a surprising amount of information about a person.

What is face-reading?

For thousands of years, face reading, otherwise known as Physiognomy, has been used to understand more about a person’s character, revealing information about their destiny and personality traits. It has been used in ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures. In China, it is referred to as ‘mianxiang,’ while in Japanese culture, face-reading is called ‘kansogaku.’

It can even provide insight into a person’s past, present, or future. Eyebrows are often referred to as the “organ of longevity” and are associated with a person’s health and well-being. Along with eyebrows, having a strong brow bone indicates a sign of dominance in people.

1.Arched eyebrows

Those with developed eyebrow arches are considered to be assertive and sometimes impulsive. They are decisive and take action swiftly. A balanced arch indicates that the person tends to consider their options before taking action. If the shape slants upwards, the person is more likely to think quickly and make immediate decisions. Although they are occasionally driven by their emotions, those with highly angular brows enjoy being in control and, hence, like to pursue careers where they can take charge. They’re often very confident, have great social skills, and are natural leaders.

2. Straight eyebrows

Those with straight brows like to take plenty of time before making decisions. The straight line signifies logic, so these individuals are highly analytical and rational. Only after they’ve considered possibilities for a considerable amount of time do they take action. These people often have high expectations of themselves and thrive on positivity and encouragement. They’re not often ruled by their emotions and prefer to make decisions based on the facts through a big-picture perspective, finding arched eyebrow-shaped personalities a bit too emotional. 

3. Round or curved eyebrows

Curved eyebrows were once highly coveted by the imperial palace and considered a sign of kindness. Emperors once believed that a curved brow made for an attractive woman, since those with rounded brows always put the needs of others first. It was said that women with this eyebrow shape were charming, could easily handle difficult personalities, and were accommodating to others. They’re strategic when they want something and can be persuasive in unexpected ways rather than being demanding, especially since they understand people so well and are great emotional communicators. 


4. Thick eyebrows

Many consider those with thick eyebrows to be natural beauties, so it’s no surprise that someone with thick eyebrows will appreciate the natural beauty of things and have a free spirit. Rather than being overly worried about what someone might think, a person with thick eyebrows lives their life how they want, takes risks, and isn’t scared if a plan isn’t in place. They can sometimes have a short fuse and a temper when things don’t work out, and they can also face conflict with authority figures, but they are considered some of the most creative people in the world.

5. Thin eyebrows 

Those with thin eyebrows are often considered to be less confident than those with thicker brows, but this isn’t always true. In reality, they often express their confidence differently, and insecurity may be perceived because a thin-browed person can struggle with making decisions and often seek help in this area from other people. Rather than taking the leadership positions of an arched-brow person, this personality might prefer to work behind the scenes and remain passive in relationships. Although people can consider them to be shy and introverted, they’re often intelligent and compassionate.

6. Long eyebrows

Longer brows extending past the corners of the eyes can indicate popularity and having many friends. Those with long eyebrows are perceived as having lots of strength and resilience and can handle stress better than people who have shorter eyebrows. Due to this added strength, they can easily juggle dealing with their various friends’ drama or venting without getting easily overwhelmed.

7. Short eyebrows

A short eyebrow won’t surpass the outer and inner corners of the eye, and as a result, their tolerance for drama is not as high as their longer-browed friends. They prefer a close, small group of friends rather than a widespread social network, and it’s not in their nature to reach out for help. Short brows mean no drama, so don’t play games with these people!