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What is the Viral TikTok Phenomenon of Pheromone Perfumes?


What if the simple act of spritzing a perfume could make someone fall in love with you? Pheromone fragrances promise to do just that and are causing a viral frenzy on TikTok, with #pheromoneperfume earning over 534 million views on the platform. Otherwise known as attraction perfumes and colognes, these mysterious fragrances consistently sell out online.

Besides their romantic perks, pheromone perfumes are also known to potentially increase business profits and/or tips for those working in the service industry and to boost confidence, which is particularly helpful for introverts or shy people. They give you that sense of indescribable allure that draws people to you. 

Picky about scents? Brands like Eye of Love, which derive their plant-based pheromones from wild yam root,  even have an unscented version that can be worn on their own or combined with your own favorite scent, lasting up to eight hours. Eye of Love CEO Jacqui Rubinoff tells us:

“In 2024, pheromones have gone viral due to their perceived ability to enhance attraction and deepen connections between individuals. Pheromone-infused products offer a subtle yet effective way to boost confidence and create more engaging social interactions. As people prioritize authenticity and holistic well-being, the allure of pheromones continues to grow as a tool for enhancing relationships and personal fulfillment.”


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What is the science behind pheromone perfumes?

Humans contain natural “pheromones” or chemicals in their sweat that send subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex, eliciting an intense response. Detected by an organ within the nose known as the Vomeronasal Organ, a signal is sent to the part of the brain that controls emotions and desires.

After the brain is overwhelmed by these feelings, it releases a chemical that turns on dopamine production. This entire process happens while the person is fully unaware of what they are smelling. 

Although pheromones are naturally odorless and scent-free versions are available, there are many scented versions available that can enhance the intended mood with sumptuous scents like ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and jasmine. Certain pheromone perfumes attract men more effectively, while others are better at attracting women.

Some studies show that using pheromone-based products can actually make people perceive you as more successful, social, and attractive. They make conversations easier and make people more approachable, working with your natural scent rather than overwhelming it.


They work best when applied to the neckline and wrists, which is where our sweat glands are, but you can even apply these sprays to bedsheets or use them as a room spray

Not all pheromones are made equal – some of them have side effects, which is why it’s important to go with a safe vegan formula like Eye of Love’s yam base. 

The TikTok Effect

Perfume recommendations are all over this social media platform, and influencers swear on the results that these perfumes are causing. More than spreading an aromatic fragrance, these perfumes have the ability to elicit a particular feeling or emotion that is both powerful and relatable.

But why have they gone viral and earned such hype online? Well, because no other product can do the same thing as this “magic potion,” as Rubinoff calls it. These scents are giving people major FOMO thanks to the convincing TikTok testimonials they’re receiving online, and people can’t wait to try them out for themselves.

Is it just a placebo effect? Millions of people on TikTok will assure you that it’s not. Whether you’re trying to land a promotion, get your ex back, or get a crush to notice you, this courtship hack for men or women can act as your secret superpower that can get you what you want without any effort.