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6 Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles


The appearance of wrinkles is will eventually plague every single person on the planet. Wrinkles shape our outward appearances by creating emotional expression lines in the face. Unfortunately, wrinkles come with aging, and as we progress in age, those expression lines become deeper and more defined. Wrinkles are essentially due to a lack of moisture in our skin. Even though wrinkles are a natural part of aging, no one likes to wake up and see new a line or two etched around their eyes. For those who are ready to get rid of wrinkles, here are 6 natural home remedies to say goodbye to all those worrisome expression lines in your skin.

Eat superfoods.

Eating the right kind of food is always the start to a great skin care. Good eating habits are also the key to achieving a wrinkleless face. Eating blueberries, which are antioxidant, is great for the collagen in the skin. Another great food to add to the mix is tomatoes, which are full of vitamin C and aid in protecting skin from harmful rays from the sun. Even chia seeds can be calming to the face.

Banana mask.

Bananas are one of the best ingredients to add oils and vitamins to the skin, encouraging overall health. Try a banana face mask to enrich your facial pores. By using a mask on a regular basis, the texture of your skin will be soothed and release those expression lines that seem so harmful to the appearance of the face.

Lemon and egg white scrub.

These two very ordinary refrigerator staples can be used to enhance the appearance of skin and clear up wrinkling. The power of the protein in egg whites added with the strong detoxing components of lemon produce a strong facial rub that can be used to enhance the skin. It promotes growth and protects from harmful bacteria. Use this formula to give your skin a chance to bounce back to life.


Daily massages.

Frequent massages are not only beneficial to your body, but your face as well. Many don’t think of massaging the face, but it has the same benefits as full body massages. Massaging your facial muscles is beneficial as it relieves pressure and tension from the most stressed areas of the face. Worry lines, or expression lines, can be greatly reduced by adding a face massage to your daily routine. Taking at least five minutes a day to massage the face is a great start to making this a consistent habit.

Aloe Vera

The benefits of Aloe Vera are countless. Aloe Vera is wonderful for a variety of different things pertaining to skin. It is most widely known for its healing and calming abilities. Aloe Vera can be utilized in two main methods. The most common practice is taking the gel from the actual plan and applying it directly to the skin. If you are not a fan of the gel texture, Aloe Vera can also be ingested through daily pill form supplements.

Lemon and honey dab.

Another great way to reduce wrinkles is to utilize what is known as the lemon juice honey dab. Simple apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey to the face for 10 minutes, rinse and be prepared for the feeling of revitalization that comes next. This combination will tighten the skin, encourage collagen production, and moisturize skin cells.