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What’s Next After ‘Spare’? Meghan and Harry’s Story Could Be Far From Over


Prince Harry’s 2023 memoir, “Spare,” landed on the shelves with a thud heard around the world, packed with startling revelations about his royal rifts and personal tragedies, including his mother’s tragic passing and escalating tensions with his elder brother, William. Despite the mix of eyebrow raises and nods it received from the critics, it offered an unprecedented peek behind the royal curtain, showcasing his challenging relationship with his father and his journey with Meghan Markle, his partner through it all.

Yet, the buzz around “Spare” hints that Harry’s literary journey might just be getting started. There’s talk in the air that he might not be done putting pen to paper. Tom Quinn, a royal expert, spilled the beans to the Mirror in March 2024, hinting at discussions about a potential follow-up book. According to Quinn, while a repeat of “Spare” isn’t on the cards, a more reconciliatory tone in a new book could potentially warm up the frosty relations with his brother.

Despite the whispers of another royal tell-all, there’s nothing set in stone about any upcoming publications from Harry and Meghan. But there’s plenty of reasons for royal enthusiasts to stay tuned. One big hint that more could be coming is the deal Harry inked with Penguin Random House—a whopping four-book deal rumored to be worth between $35 to $40 million. “Spare” was just the opener, with more books likely focusing on various facets of his life, including his commitment to The Invictus Games.

Harry himself has fueled the sequel speculation. He shared in an interview with The Telegraph that a lot of material didn’t make the final cut of “Spare.” Originally, it was an 800-page behemoth, pared down to a more manageable 400 pages. Harry teased, “It could have been two books, put it that way. And the hard bit was taking things out.” He noted that some of the omitted content was just too personal, especially details about the ongoing family saga.

Echoing this sentiment, Robert Hardman, in his book “The Making of a King,” pointed out that for the palace, the most concerning parts of “Spare” were what was left unsaid, suggesting that more recent events were conspicuously absent. If Harry aims to mend fences with Prince William and King Charles, any future publications might steer clear of controversy.


Switching gears, there’s speculation that Meghan might take the writing baton next. Sources close to the family, like royal biographer Ingrid Seward, think that while Harry might be stepping back, Meghan could be stepping up. Chatting with 9honey, Seward suggested, “I can’t see Harry up for writing another book anytime soon. I would think the real showstopper could come from Meghan. That’s where the big bucks could come from, if she decides to share her side of the story.”

While rumors swirl about a joint wellness book from the couple, some insiders suggest Meghan’s solo project could dive into her early life and acting career rather than royal drama. Mayah Riaz, a PR guru, shared with the Mirror that the couple has moved past airing royal dirty laundry, focusing instead on personal narratives. “They feel they’ve said what they needed to in the Oprah interview and their Netflix series,” Riaz commented.

Whatever direction their literary ventures take, the public and media alike are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Harry and Meghan’s unfolding saga. Whether it delves deeper into royal life or takes a more personal turn, it’s sure to grab headlines.