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The Cutest Tiny Food Tattoos


People like to obsess about tattoos and their meanings. Many think that in order to get a tattoo you have to think long and hard, attach a meaning to it, after all this is something that will stay with you forever. It’s a mark on your skin that will age with you, and we often get told that we’ll regret it when we’re old. But really, who gives a damn? When you’re old, all of you will look old, you’re not going to care about that tattoo you got when you were young more than about your hair getting grey or your skin getting all wrinkly. Tattoos don’t have to be a big deal, they’re actually quite a small part of your life, a tiny moment in time commemorated on your skin. So make it as fun as you want to, and speaking of tiny things – here are the cutest tiny food tattoos we’ve found to inspire you.

1. Here’s a thing, we all have our favourite foods and snacks and it’s a part of our life that will most probably stay with us forever. So why not commemorate your favourite foods on your skin in tattoo form? This little ramen is absolutely adorable.

2. Have you ever seen a more appetizing plate of pasta? It’s actually quite impressive how much detail the tattoo artist managed to fit into such a small tattoo.

3. Perhaps you just absolutely love pizza? I mean, who doesn’t? It’s pizza for heaven’s sake. It’s bread and cheese and tomato sauce, it’s simple yet delicious, it’s something we all reach for in times of stress for comfort and in times of fun for a communal meal. Everyone should have a pizza tattoo.

4. Ice-cream anyone? Most kids will say that ice-cream is their favourite food, and for quite a lot of us adults, that statement still rings true and if we could eat it every day we would. So why not get a little ice-cream cone?

5. Bubble tea is honestly one of those things you’ll go years without and then you try it again and you can’t stop, you just need to have it every day for a month.

6. Some people prefer frozen juices to actual ice-cream, and you know what? There’s a time and a place for that. But apparently, this person really freaking loves it.

7. There are people who are really berries and strawberries can symbolize a lot of things so getting a tattoo like that can be a silly food preference or have more than one meaning.


8. What’s your favourite exotic fruit? Mine has to be a pineapple. It’s the best summer snack, and if you don’t agree with that, it’s ok, you can be wrong.

9. Matching heart tattoos are so lame, but matching egg tattoos – now we’re talking. That’s how you know these two are sticking together for life. It’s fate, it’s destiny, they both love eggs.

10. Can you imagine liking burgers so much you’d get it tattooed on your arm? Well, yeah, that happens and as far as food tattoos go, this one is pretty phenomenal if you ask me. Look at the detail in that. Burger commercials have nothing on this tattoo artist.

11. If you’ve ever been to France and you have a plain French croissant from a local bakery on a street corner – you’ll understand why someone would get a tattoo like this. Those croissants are a life-changing experience.

12. There’s nothing quite like an iced drink on a summer day. We’ll never know if that’s a coke, lemonade or sangria, but it looks incredible, doesn’t it?

13. There is nothing better in this life than bread. Think about it. Bread goes with everything. Every single dish can be improved by bread. It’s definitely a food that deserves a tattoo.

14. Bananas have such a weird reputation, but honestly, it’s the most underrated fruit. It’s so simple, but it’s such a perfect snack.