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12 Cute Facts About Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke’s Friendship


They’ve been on the same show for a decade, they’re good friends in real life, sometimes lovers on screen. The fans desperately wanted them to be together and in love, but alas that wasn’t in the stars. Yet you’d have to be blind not to see the chemistry between Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, they do care for each other. So here are 12 cute facts about Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s friendship.

1. They Met In A Bar

You’d think most actors would first meet on set or at least during the casting process, but Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke met in a bar. However, it wasn’t exactly an accident. It was a bar in the hotel where most of the GOT cast was staying in Belfast and Emilia was introduced to Kit by his on-screen brother played by Richard Madden.

2. Kit Liked Emilia Immediately

Kit has admitted in interviews that he was quite taken with Emilia from the moment she walked into the room. He said that she has a very breathtaking effect on people, so you don’t have to spend ages having awkward conversations. They became friends right away.

3. It’s Not Physical

While everyone can appreciate both Kit’s and Emilia’s good looks it wasn’t physical appearance that drew them to each. They just connected on a mental level. Emilia has been described as a very sweet and caring person but apparently, she’s got a very filthy mind when she wants to and her sense of humor is just the best. So no wonder they became friends.

4. They’re Like Siblings

The way Kit’s and Emilia’s friendship is going is very adorable. They’re like siblings, they love each other dearly but they will also make fun of each other and annoy each other for entertainment. They have too many inside jokes to count and we wish we could be part of their friend group too.

5. There’s No Romance

Many fans have linked the actors romantically throughout their time on GOT, but the rumors couldn’t have been further from the truth. Kit and Emilia have never dated or been romantically involved in real life. They did share a kiss for that famous photoshoot and people thought they have incredible chemistry, but really they’re just amazing actors and good friends.

6. They Support Each Other

Emilia has shared in interviews that she would often ask Kit for advice when she was finding it hard to deal with something. And we’re not just talking on the set of Game of Thrones. They would call and text each other even when they were working on separate projects in different countries. That’s what real friends do.


7. Working Together Was Weird

Even though Kit and Emilia have been working on the same show for years and are good friends, they admit that the first time they had a scene together was really strange. Emilia has shared in an interview that the first time she saw Kit on set she was like “what are you doing on my set?”

8. Love Scenes Were Awkward

You can only imagine how awkward it must be to do a love scene with a friend. The first time Kit and Emilia had to do it was super weird but they got through it with humor. Laughing and making jokes was their way of dealing with intense scenes.

9. Personal Life Realities

For some people, it might be weird if there were rumors about your husband having chemistry or dating someone from work. But that’s not the case with Emilia and Kit. Clarke is actually good best friends with Kit’s wife, and they’ve known each other for years now, and have all worked together so there’s no awkwardness there.

10. They Have A Lot In Common

One of the many reasons they’re just good friends is because Kit and Emilia have a lot in common. They both know what it’s like to be in the spotlight, they know how hard it actually is working on GOT and trying to have some privacy. But they also have a similar sense of humor and their taste in music seems to be very compatible. They even went to a Chemical Brothers gig together.

11. They Keep Up To Date on Social Media

It might sound a bit strange but we all know that these days the real test of friendship is keeping in touch on social media. Emilia Clarke has often shared photos and tagged Kit in them, she will shout out Kit in her stories and generally, you can tell that those two have nothing to hide, they’re friends for life.

12. The GOT End Broke Them

Both Kit and Emilia were absolutely shocked and heartbroken over how GOT ended and what their characters did in the end. There are videos of readthrough where you can see their reactions. This is the point at which you should stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet for some reason. But Jon Snow betrays Daenerys in the most awful way possible.