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8 Richest Women in the World


The success of a celebrity is measured by their popularity within their nation and in relation to the world at large. Another way a celebrity’s success is valued is by their net worth. This measurement is easily searchable because keeping track of the significance of a celebrity is one pop culture trend that sweeps through a nation. Let’s dive into a list of the 8 most successfully rich women around the world. 

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers has a net worth 66.3 billion dollar. Wealthygorilla.com tells us she collected this wealth through her family by becoming the heiress to the L’Oreal fortune. Her mother Liliane Bettencourt was a socialite and businesswoman, and the largest shareholder of the biggest cosmetic company. Liliane’s passing gave Francoise her start at 44.3 billion dollars, which she turned into 24 billion more dollars over the course of her owning the estate.

Alice Walton

Worth 65.1 billion dollars, Alice Walton comes in as number two. Forbes.com states Alice claimed her fortune through her familial connections – her father Sam Walton and the founder of Walmart left her a fortune from his career. Alice was also focused on art, and she opened a museum called Crystal Bridges Museum of America Art in her hometown (Bentonville Arkansas). 

Mackenzie Bezos

Next up, we have Mackenzie Bezos, who stands at a net worth of 59.6 billion dollars. Wealthygorilla.com confirms this American writer and philanthropist made her billions from her divorce from Jeff Bezos. She won 4 percent stake in Amazon (which is doing amazing because of the pandemic), worth 35 billion dollars at the time of her earnings.

Julia Koch

Now we will introduce Julia Koch who comes in at 58 billion dollars, reports celebritynetworth.com. Julia inherited her billions through the passing of her husband in 2019 — David Koch — a well-known tycoon. She and her three children Mary, Julia, David Jr. and John Mark received 42 percent stake in his company upon his death.

Jacqueline Mars


At 28.9 billion dollars, Jacqueline Mars shows she deserves to make the list with her wealth forming through having the world’s largest candy-making company founded by her grandfather, Forbes.com explains. Working for the company for 20 years and serving as a board member (for many well-known companies) until 2016 she became a well-known philanthropist, she even changed the logo in 2020 on of the brands within the company.

Laurene Powell Jobs

Moving forward, Laurene Powell Jobs is estimated to be worth 31.6 billion dollars, says howmuch.net. Nytimes.com goes on to explain that she is putting funds toward immigration, education, and independent media. The death of her husband Steve Jobs is how she came into this abundant wealth. After the passing of her husband, she became more determined with her business ventures and stays out of the spotlight.

Yang Huiyan

Then Yang Huiyan owns 57 percent of real-estate developer’s Country Garden Holdings, states forbes.com. Her stake in the company was largely given to her by Yeung Kwok Keung in 2007. Yang serves as a chair member of Bright Scholar Education Holdings. She also has a degree from Ohio State University. 

Gina Rinehart

Celebritynetworth.com describes this 18.7 billionaire, Gina Rinehart, as being an Australian mining heiress. She currently serves as Executive chairwomen of Hancock Prospecting group, and is the richest person in Australia. Hancock Prospecting group is a company handed down to her by her father Lang Hancock. She became the largest shareholder of Fairfax Media when buying stock in 2010. She is also noted for her disagreement with the Australian government. She went from being one of the wealthiest women in 2011 to the sixth richest person in 2014. Her abundance can be seen in the luxury homes and cars that she has throughout Australia.