9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix

There are a lot of great and underrated shows on Netflix. That’s why we spend full weekends just watching Netflix and why we show up to work late and tired ‘cause we stayed up watching Netflix and thinking “just one more episode”. But there are also some pretty awful shows on there that you really shouldn’t waste your time on. So we’re doing you a favor and listing the ones you should definitely skip.

1. Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life

No one wanted this Netflix special to succeed more than me, I mean it, no one. And while the characters were there, and the actors were the same and it did bring back some nostalgic feelings, it was still a failure. The musical numbers were unnecessary and weird and nothing like the original show, the pacing was off and the ending was disappointing to say the least.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

2. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why has a bad rep, we all know it. And there’s a good reason for it. You can try all you want to explain that it’s meant to shed light on important issues like suicide, but there’s also a huge difference between shedding light and discussing the importance and glorifying it. And this show doesn’t know how to walk that line.

13 Reasons Why | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

3. Friends From College

Despite the fact that this show has Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders this show isn’t great. It’s basically like watching a group of friends who think they’re very cool meet again after 20 years and be really annoying together. They’re just all bad people doing bad things for no real reason. And it’s not even funny.

Friends From College | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

4. Sick Note

When you see Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Lindsay Lohan you expect a good show. But that’s not what Sick Note is. In fact, it’s kind of horrible. The very premise of it is a bit rude. Pretending to have cancer to keep people in your life and make them feel sorry for you and treat you better? I mean, come on.

Sick Note | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

5. Flaked

You probably love Will Arnett because you associate him with Bojack Horseman. If that’s why you’re curious about watching Flaked – give up. Yes, he’s still a depressed drunk dude in this show, but this show is not clever, or funny, or witty in any way. It’s just bad, boring, messy and predictable.

Flaked | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

6. iZombie

It’s strange to include this show on the list, but I’ve got to. It has a lot of good elements. The acting is good, the puns are really funny (honestly calling a funeral home that is a cover for brain selling business “Shady Plots” is genius), the cooking segments of making brains into various yummy treats is brilliant. But the overall storyline is kind of predictable, boring and a bit childish.

iZombie | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

7. Fuller House

Full House was good while it lasted, lots of people grew up with it and have lots of warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings associated with it. But that doesn’t mean you should try to keep the thing going by making Fuller House happen. It’s just not the same, it doesn’t work. They really shouldn’t have attempted this.

Fuller House | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

8. Haters Back Off

I mean what did you really expect from a YouTube celebrity Amanda Sings who plays this super weird character who can’t sing and also can’t really put on lipstick. The sense of humor is weird and definitely not for everyone and the show is so painfully awkward it’s almost unwatchable. Not everything that works as a shower YouTube video is meant to be made into a Netflix show.

Haters Back Off | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty

9. Iron Fist

Everyone expected Iron Fist to just continue the recent tradition of good Marvel shows on Netflix. After the success of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil it was unthinkable to have something fail. Yet Iron First turned out to be the weakest of the Marvel shows on Netflix. It’s just bland and boring and no one likes it.

Iron Fist | 9 Absolute Worst Shows On Netflix | Her Beauty