Brooklyn Beckham Just Got Engaged To Nicola Peltz

It’s safe to say that Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Nicola Peltz are having a pretty good time during the pandemic. The son of David and Victoria Beckham just proposed to Peltz, and the two are officially engaged.

We learned of the news on Brooklyn’s Instagram account, where he announced “Two weeks ago I asked my soulmate to marry me and she said yes”.

Every woman in their 30s who is in a long term relationship is probably burning holes into the back of her boyfriend’s head right now. It’s true that we were a little surprised: after all, Beckham is only 21, but his girlfriend is four years older than him, at age 25. This kid must have some serious game! As we remember, he had some steamy moments with the 29 year old Rita Ora before Beckham’s parents banned him from hanging out with her.

It looks like the two are madly in love. The Transformers: Age of Extinction actress and her man posted a gorgeous outdoor engagement shot, where Beckham is dressed in a navy blue suit, and Nicola is wearing a dreamy, canary yellow dress with ruffled details. And of course you notice the massive dazzler of a ring that she’s rocking as she casually holds her man’s face in a passionate embrace (aka, to show it off to all those thirsty social media trolls,)

They’ve both called each other best fiends and soulmates on social media.

At the end of his romantic engagement caption, he wrote “ I am the luckiest man in the world. I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day ❤️ I love you baby xx” Wow, they’re already talking babies! This guy does seem quite mature for his age.

In Peltz’s caption, she wrote: “You’ve made me the luckiest girl in the world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. your love is the most precious gift. I love you so so much baby,” she wrote.

After the announcement, Victoria Beckham and other family members posted similar congratulations on her social media pages.

We’re not sure about the whole timeline of this relationship, but to our knowledge, they went public in January 2020, when the two of them posted a mirror selfie with Peltz in nothing but a towel. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind, and COVID-19 may have made the two realize how precious they really are to each other. According to insiders, the pair has been together for less than a year, and Nicola moved in with him after only five months of dating! Still, their love has been frequently proclaimed on Instagram in adorable quarantine posts.

Before meeting Nicola, Brooklyn Beckham was linked to Hana Cross and Chloe Grace Moretz who are both 23 years old. We hate to say it, but all of those women do seem to look quite similar – it seems like Brooklyn has more than a little thing for blond actresses. The only brunette to date has been French-Tunisian model and singer Sonia Ben Ammar.

Besides the wonderful news, there’s something else we want to talk about: that  £350,000 ring. The diamond masterpiece was an elegant, emerald-cut diamond solitaire set in a delicate band of either white gold or platinum. This style has been worn by tons of classy celebs over the decade, from Grace Kelly to Jennifer Lopez.

Professional jewelrs observe that the central stone is around 5cts and colorless, which is a sign that the diamond is clean and practically flawless. We’re ready for those close-ups, Nicola…

Insides say that the two lovebirds are going to have two weddings. If you can believe it, they plan to celebrate their 2021 nuptials by spending £4 million on the double ceremony. They want to have two home bases as well. How Megan and Harry of them! Beckham and Nicola plan to spend lots of time in the United States, but Brooklyn has remained adamant in wanting a base in London. After all these celebs being cooped up during the coronavirus, their wedding reception is sure to be bonkers.

David and Victoria, in an extremely generous move, decided to buy them a home as a wedding gift. The happy couple has apparently been looking at places in East London. Nicola’s dad Nelson Peltz is also a famous billionaire who will be footing the bill for a wedding. Wouldn’t it be nice to be famous for a day?