Everything we Know About Zac Efron and Halston Sage

It seems like Zac Efron is dating a new hottie every time we turn our heads. Every time, we wish that it’s Vanessa Hudgens, but unfortunately, that ship has sailed for Zac. America’s “High School Musical” sweetheart was last tied to Sarah Bro, a Danish swimmer, and instead of trying to win back the heart of the newly single Hudgens, he made another decision.

Zac Efron is dating actress Halston Sage, but she’s not new to the actor’s life. Zac and Halston both starred in “Neighbors” and had a brief fling, but nothing came of it. Today, Zac Efron and his girlfriend are very much in love and approaching their relationship in a more serious way. The two spent the holidays together as a symbol of their new commitment, including time in Santa Barbara while the rest of us hibernated in our beds away from the snow.

Perhaps it was his health scare that the two bonded into something more serious – recently, the actor had a fight on the set of his new show “Killing Zac Efron,” where he was flown from Papua New Guinea to a hospital in Brisbane for a stay that lasted a few days.

Sage currently stars on “The Orville” where she plays Alara Kitan, and “Prodigal Son,” where she plays Ainsley Whitly. The starlet has been steadily earning more TV and film credits, including a co-star moment with KJ App on “The Last Summer.” She might not be a household name yet, but this young actress will soon be on everyone’s radar as a heavy hitter in young Hollywood. Both Zac and Halston were child actors – when Zac played Troy on Disney’s “High School Musical,” Sage got her fame from “How to Rock” on Nickelodeon. She’s also kind of a fashion icon in her own right.

The 32-year-old actor and his 26-year-old bae have picked up right after their 2014 affair, which apparently fizzled out from the differences in distance and time. Their first public appearance was six years ago, at a basketball game, and the chemistry was insane from the looks of their intimate giggles and chats.

What’s interesting is that they haven’t made a public announcement, or posted about their relationship on social media. Maybe that’s because the two consider their bond so sacred that they don’t want to ruin it with their millions of die-hard fans that tend to be over-opinionated about everything.

The fact that Zac Efron’s dating life is being kept under wraps has us even more curious. Efron and Sage follow each other on Instagram, but only Sage like’s Efron’s posts! The plot thickens. Is Zac Efron protecting his girlfriend from his cult-like following and stalkers? Or is he hiding something else that will inevitably be leaked to the tabloids soon enough.

So team Zalston or team Hac? This is a tough celebrity couple to nickname. We’ve heard bad things about dating your colleagues, but it seems like the “Dirty Grandpa” star and his former co-star have found love that isn’t wavering any time soon. Stay tuned for more updates!