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Is Kelly Clarkson Still Married?


We’ve been hearing a lot of things about divorce rates skyrocketing due to quarantine and people having to spend way more time together, while dealing with a lot of stress due to the pandemic. In China, people literally stood in line to get a divorce and would sign up for weeks in advance just to get divorced as soon as the registry opened. But it looks like Hollywood isn’t immune to this either. Kelly Clarkson has recently filed for divorse from her husband of 7 years and it’s taking a lot of people by surprise.

It seemed to many of Kelly’s fans that her marriage was perfect and this divorse is really unexpected. Kelly Clarkson was aware of Brandon Blackstock years ago, his father used to be her manager for quite a long time. But Brandon was married at the time so they never really got a change to get to know each other. Years later Brandon’s previous marriage ended and he and Kelly started hanging out together.

Their relationship moved pretty quick. They were serious about each other right away and they got married about a year after they started dating. Kelly really seemed very happy with this. She would often post on twitter about how happy she is with Brandon. In fact they were planning a wedding and then just couldn’t wait so they eloped at a beautiful barn. Kelly even posted photos online saying she’s finally Mrs Blackstock.

They had 2 beautiful kids together, a daughter and a son, and Brandon had two kids from his previous marriage, which Kelly took to right away. Kelly Clarkson even mentioned in interviews before that seeing her husband interact with his kids from the previous marriage, and how loving and great he was with them made her more excited to have children with him.


She also said that she trusted him a lot and she’s seen how great he is at his job, which was the reason she chose to hire him as her manager. Kelly said it was great because he understood what her job was and they were both in the same industry and they’re both very hardworking, so they understand the commitments and never have fights about it.

But it looks like 7 years was the limit to their marriage and Kelly filed for divorce on June 4th, citing irreconcilable differences. Her career has really been taking off to new heights lately and she’s been very happy about it. Living in LA brought on it’s own complications. Many things that one of the reasons Kelly and Brandon didn’t work out is because he doesn’t like living in LA, and prefers a more laid back life and Kelly was all about opportunities for her career and that obviously means living in LA.

There’s also the fact that they work together and they have 4 children amongst them, all of which were quarantining with them. So it’s a lot of stress on any relationship to take care of 4 kids in the midst of a pandemic. The stress of the entire situation only fueled any other issues they might’ve had in the past, and being cooked up together for a long time without the distraction of work brought to light any kind of grievances or annoyances they might have usually been able to ignore in the past.

In the end it looks like Kelly Clarkson is pretty serious and set on divorse. While she did request joint custody for their kids, she still asked to take into consideration their prenup agreement. It’s unclear if the couple is breaking up on good terms yet, but it was certainly a smart move on Kelly’s part to still have a prenup to make sure she’s going to be financially secure if the divorce turns ugly.