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10 of Virgil Abloh’s Most Iconic Pieces


On November 28, 2021, the world was shocked and devastated to discover that Virgil Abloh had passed away from cancer at the young age of 41. He had secretly been battling cancer, and his loss is one that has rippled through Hollywood, the fashion industry, and more. Abloh and his designs were beloved and highly coveted all over the world. He started as a member of Kanye’s creative team before founding Off-White™, becoming artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, and being a multidisciplinary role model in so many creative endeavors.

He’s one of the first Black people to head a luxury label, and will forever be remembered for all the boundaries he broke. With a stunning work ethic and outfits we’ll never forget, we’re here to celebrate Virgil Abloh’s most impressive and iconic items of all time.

1. HBA x Been Trill T-Shirt

Hood by Air was once THE brand, and that’s all thanks to Abloh’s vision. It employed font from Rocky Horror Picture show, and the shirt was a result of a major collaboration between multiple designers. It was a major moment in streetwear-meets-luxury, and this shirt was quick to sell out all over the world.

2. Off-White™ Industrial Belt

This utilitarian, extra long black and yellow belt from the F16 collection was a must-have item when it came out. It was worn in all kinds of creative interpretations beyond holding your pants up, from being rocked as a necklace to being style over a jacket.

3. Louis Vuitton Holographic Duffel Bag

The duffel bag is emblematic of street meets high fashion, and this item stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique holographic finish. Unlike Vuitton’s more serious and conventional products, this was a playful headline-grabber and a much-needed whimsical twist. This duffel Is from Abloh’s very first show with the house of Vuitton.

4. Arc’teryx x Off-White™ Dress

Part of the fashion movement known as “gorp core”, inspired by the outdoors and functional hiking gear, had a major moment, and Virgil Abloh helped pioneer it. Besides his camo Arc’teryx collab with Drake, he was inspired to create his Off-White™ FW21 womenswear collection, which blended gore-tex design with sculptural ball gowns.

5. Louis Vuitton SS19 Leather Cut Away Vest/Harness

This vest truly breaks boundaries in terms of the traditional definition of what makes a vest, This iconic piece does what Virgil does best — it shifts common beliefs on fundamental fashion. After all, what even is a vest, and what does it mean to be “complete”? This is kind of a partial vest meets a harness for a low-maintenance, statement-making piece that we’re obsessed with. 


6. Virgil Abloh x IKEA “KEEP OFF” Rug

Abloh even forayed into home decor with his unusual IKEA collaboration, which includes this fabulous rug, covered in the words “KEEP OFF/” The design was an ironic take on an overbearing parent who wants to protect their furniture. On it, he said, “I wanted an ironic take on the traditional attitude to furnishing where the living room is just a showroom, not somewhere you sit/”

7. Pyrex Vision Flannel Shirt

Before Off-White, there was Pyrex Vision. This was the first label that made Abloh go viral, since his looks were worn by Kanye West and multiple members of the A$AP Mob. The actual shirt is a Ralph Lauren Rugby flannel with Abloh’s branding printed onto the back. Of course, it sold out immediately.

8. Off-White™ Mona Lisa Hoodie

Virgil was notably obsessed with French abstract artist Marcel Duchamp, a famous conceptual art creator and another visionary not unlike Abloh. One of his works is a remix of the Mona Lisa, featuring the subject with the addition of a hilarious mustache. Abloh loved the work so much, he printed it on his Off-White™ hoodies, captured forever as the ultimate hybrid of art and fashion.

9. Nike x Off-White™ “The Ten” Jordan 

Every Abloh sneaker collab has experienced wild success, and these shoes are one of the most desired Abloh shoes out there. His collab with Nike is one of his most memorable, and it features deconstructed design elements, a red zip-tie tag, and quotation marks. The color choices were an ode to Abloh’s hometown, and the pair to sell out the fastest.

10. Mercedes Benz G-Class Collaboration

While this isn’t an outfit, it is a car, which many people consider is an essential aspect of expressing your sense of style. This blocky and futuristic G-Class was conjured up completely by Abloh. On it, he told Highsnobiety that luxury doesn’t have to be defined by the ways of the past, and that this car proves “design can show a new personality/” The unique design was meant to engage city kids who don’t typically pay attention to cars.