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Runway Outfits That Look Completely Different on Celebrities and Models


When it comes to high fashion many people look at runway models and think “that would never look good on me”. And yeah, we see your point, a lot of the time the clothes on models don’t look like they could be worn by a regular sized person. But you know what? These runway outfits don’t even look the same on celebrities. In some cases they look better, in others they look worse, and sometimes they just look wildly different because the celeb wore them in an unexpected way. It just goes to show that it’s a game of trial and error for all of us, mere mortals and famous celebrities included. Let’s take a look at some runway outfits that look completely different on celebrities and on models.

Jennifer Lopez in Ralph & Russo

Jennifer Lopez works hard to be in such an incredible shape but this is just proof that having curves can enhance a look. That dress is beautiful but we can all agree that it looks way better on J.Lo’s curves than on the model, right?

Meryl Streep In Valentino

The model at the Valentino spring collection show is giving us very different vibes than the ones we get from Meryl Streep at the SAG awards the same year, and yet they both look good in that dress, just in vastly different ways.

Rihanna In Gucci

Rihanna can pull off any look, that’s just a fact. But we still think it looks so much better without the weird mask thing. However, you’ve got to agree it’s quite a strong look and Rihanna pulls it off with such ease.


Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi

Zendaya also makes things look way better in real life than they do on the runway. I mean it’s an ok runway look, but we’d never do a double take for that model. However, put it on Zendaya and we can’t look away.

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

Remember when Jennifer Lawrecen snagged a Golden Globe in 2013? That’s a Christian Dior dress from the fall collection and we love that she chose to make it her own by slightly changing it up and accentuating the waist with a metallic waist cincher. This just goes to show that no matter how cool a designer gown is you can always make it your own and make it work for you and your body shape.

Katy Perry in Balmain

Haute couture is not something you can just casually wear every day, but Katy Perry knows she can do it on the red carpet. It looks otherworldly and whimsical on the model, but Katy Perry also has quite a whimsical style judging by her stage outfits and music video costumes, so wearing this wasn’t a stretch for her at all.

Kristen Stewart in Erdem

Listen,it’s a well known joke that Kristen Stewart just makes everything look awkward. But this sheer number clearly wasn’t working for her and she looks so uncomfortable in it. We’re so happy they stopped trying to style her like this since and now she actually looks cool whenever we see her on the red carpet.