9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall

With colder weather right around the corner, it’s about that time to start wearing more layers and turning up the heat. But when the temperature starts to drop below zero, it can be hard to stay warm no matter how many scarves and coats you wear – unless you really crank up the thermostat which can leave you with gargantuan electric bills. So for the best ways to heat things up, and not spend a fortune doing so, check out these 9 hacks to stay warm this fall.

Plant pot room heater.

Put a dish on a heat-proof mat, then place candles on the dish. Place a grill over it, with a plant pot on top, with a penny over the hole to close ventilation. You’ve just made your own DIY room heater.

Plant pot room heater | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Reverse ceiling fan.

Warm air rises, so running your ceiling fan in the normal direction will only keep warm air near the ceiling. Switch your ceiling fan in reverse to force more warm air towards the ground.

Reverse ceiling fan | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Heavier curtains.

If you have thin curtains during the warmer months, it’s a great investment to get heavier wool or fleece drapes as it gets colder outside. This will better insulate your windows, letting less cold air in from outside.

Heavier curtains | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Baking party.

Not only will baking make for some great treats and fun, but it will warm your house too. Using your oven for a while will heat up your entire house, and send the warm, delicious smell of baked goods throughout.

Baking party | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Indoor plant composting.

Composting is known for being great for the environment and can actually be great for heating up your home as well. The breakdown of organic matter emits heat, so a small compost in your house will work wonders for natural warmth.

Indoor plant composting | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

More hydration.

Research shows that water retains heat. So staying hydrated is actually proven to help your body retain more heat, so keeping a few water bottles stocked at home or in your car is a handy way to warm up fast.

More hydration | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Less caffeine and nicotine.

This almost seems counterintuitive since a nice hot cup of coffee would seemingly warm you up. But experts are discovering that it can actually make you colder internally. Caffeine and nicotine can cause your blood vessels to constrict, which will limit blood flow and make you feel colder.

Less caffeine and nicotine | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Pre-heated clothing.

If you know you are about to leave your house soon, you can actually give your body a head start. Heat your clothes in preparation for the outdoor weather by using an electric blanket, a hot water bottle or a hair dryer.

Pre-heated clothing | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty

Thermostat ice trick.

If you live or work where the thermostat is fixed, it can be a real pain to not have control over how hot or cold you are. But you can trick your thermostat by placing ice near it. It will sense that the temperature near it has dropped, and turn on the heat in an attempt to heat up the entire room.

Thermostat ice trick | 9 Hacks to Stay Warm This Fall | Her Beauty