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Unani Medicine Secrets to Know


Unani medicine has been around for centuries as an ancient form of healing. Many believe that it’s the secret to a happier, healthier life. Unani medicine is traditional medicine that Muslims practice in South Asia. Unani remedies have been healing Perso-Arabic communities for years, and it contains elements of Chinese and Indian medicine systems.

What does Unani mean and what is it?

Unani, or Yunani comes from the word “Greek”, as this form of medicine was based on the works of Greek physicians Galen and Hippocrates. This was a popular term used in the East by ancient Middle Eastern people.

Unani is based on the idea that the management of any illness depends on the diagnosis, which is based on observed symptoms and temperaments. Unani and Ayurvedic medicine are both based on the theory of elements which exist in the human body. Phlegm, blood, black bile, and yellow bile exist in the body, and every persons’ mix of these fluids determines their temperament. If one of these substances is more predominant than the other, it’s healed with Unani medicine. Treatment, or therapy, is called Ilaj-Bil-Tadbeer. Here are the most popular holistic Unani treatments to cure your ailment.

1. Cupping

In the Middle East, this is referred to as Hijaama. Cupping is used all over the continent of Asia, and involves glass cups being heated on the skin to create suction. This suction then draws out toxins from beneath the skin’s surface while decompressing muscles and other connective tissue. It improves blood flow and helps the body heal itself.

2. Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala

This formula is commonly used in Unani medicine and contains lots of antioxidant-rich natural substances that contribute to Unani treatments, such as citron, Indian bay leaf, cardamom, and saffron. This is known to help brain function and overall health.

3. Sweating

When in doubt, head to the sauna or steam room. Sweating, or Ta’areeq, is a powerful way to detox those toxins and disease from your body. This is also a common way to lower a high body temperature, and clean waste material from your bloodstream.

4. Majoon Suranjan

This herbal treatment is comprised over 20 ingredients, and is used to heal painful aspects of rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. This is thanks to aloe vera, ginger, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients within it.

5. Massage

Massage, or Dalak, has been proven to remove accumulated toxins and waste metabolites. It can even help treat musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Try out a massage gun or self-massager if you don’t have someone else to give you a rubdown or can’t afford regular massages.

6. Exercise


The best way to avoid disease is prevention, and exercise, or Riyazat, is a wonderful way to accomplish that. It entails a planned, structured movement routine that maintains your overall fitness and promotes health. This can be biking, jogging, hiking, or your favorite sport, perhaps.

7. Laboob Kabir

Often, use for arousal problems this aphrodisiac can also improve physical strength, stamina, and performance. It contains lots of roots and seeds, along with almonds, and walnuts.

8. Hydration Therapy

There’s nothing more soothing than taking a bath, right? Most popularly in Unani, it’s a sitz bath (soaking the lower body), but it can cover the upper body (up to the shoulder) if that’s more comfortable for you. It can help haemorrhoids, cramps, IBS, infections, and more.

9. Enema

Huqna, or an enema, is essentially a way to deep cleanse the intestines and stomach. It is safest when prepared with herbal concoctions or sesame oil, always in liquid mediums. This can relieve intense constipation, bladder or kidney pain, and colic stomach pain.

10. Majun Falasfa

This medicine helps with mental power as well as joint pain, appetite loss, and indigestion. Pine nuts, Roman Chamomile, and Piper nigrum (black pepper) are just a few ingredients in this herbal brain tonic and appetizer.

11. Steam inhalation

Known as Inkebaab, steam inhalation can help inflamed sinuses or chronic sinusitis. This is something that hits us all, especially in cold weather. As a solution, take a steamy hot shower or place your head over a pot of steaming hot water, holding in the steam by tenting a towel.

12. Itrifal Ustukhuddus

Great for migraines and headaches, this formulation has Ustukhuddus, which carries brain and nerve health benefits. It also contains Triphala, which helps with digestive struggles and detoxifies the system.

13. Kushta

Kushta means “killed” and that’s what happens to the heated herbs and minerals in this odd medication. This strange form of medicine is created by burning ingredients with indirect heat. This preparation method enhances the usefulness of ingredients in it.