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10 Games To Play With Kids While Self-Isolating


Lots of people say self-isolation is hard because they just feel lonely, however, when you’re self-isolating and you have kids it’s a whole other kind of problem. Kids naturally have a lot of energy and they get bored easily. So while they are usually kept busy at school and various after school classes and activities you signed them up for, these days they’re just gonna be bored out of their mind at home and bursting with energy. And you can’t really ignore them all day long, so here are some games you can play with your kids that will keep them entertained.

1. Play Competitive Sport Games 

While just handing your kid an iPad is an option, it’s also important to get them moving and tired so that they sleep well at night. This is where fitness games come in, and you should probably join in on these games too. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it’s actually good for your body to keep moving even if you’re stuck at home.

2.Build A Fort

The key here is to not just build a fort for your kids but to build it WITH them. Get them involved, make them carry pillows and blankets, let them help with the setup. It’ll take longer for sure, but that’s the whole point, they will feel involved and in the end, you can just chill in the fort and watch a cartoon or something.  

3.Disney Karaoke 

Speaking of watching movies, chances are your kids know the songs from their favourite Disney movies by heart, so it might be fun to do a Disney karaoke with them. Get the whole family involved, act out bits as you sing, really get into it. 

4.Learn A Dance With Your Kid

Just having a little dance session with your kids every day is a great idea, but what’s even more fun is actually learning a dance routine and then doing a little performance together. It’ll keep them busy for longer and the performance element will make them concentrate harder.

5. Play Dress Up

Dress up is a great game to play with your kids. You can either just dress up all fancy and go about your day pretending you’re a princess or some other fictional character you dressed up as, or you can do that thing where you have to guess who everyone is dressed up as.



This is a hilarious game to play with kids. Cause no matter how old they are there’s fun to be had. If they’re very young it’s just funny to watch them struggle, if they’re older you can really get into it and be quite competitive.

7.Pamper Session

Pampering is a good thing to do, especially in such a stressful time, so get out your bathroom toys for the little ones and some bubble bath, bath bombs and possibly some fun sheet masks for those kids that are slightly older. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone, you’re having quality time with your kids and they’re getting clean at the same time.

8.Makeover Time

Little girls tend to love this game because they get to play with their mother’s makeup. You can do a mutual makeover and not only do their hair and makeup but let them do a makeover for you. You’re guaranteed to end up with spectacular makeup, crazy hair and very colorful nails, but it’s worth it for the look of joy on the kid’s face.

9.Hide And Seek

As most adults know, hide and seek is a great game to play if you want your kid to just get lost and be quiet for a little bit. And then, when it’s your time to hide, you can also take the time and hide really well. I mean it’s like a no-guilt way to hide from your kid, who doesn’t like that?

10.Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses aren’t just for outside, you can easily create one at home with some chairs, sofa cushions, tunnels made of bedsheets and cardboard boxes. And in between the obstacles you can do some exercises like jumping jacks or crunches. Your kids will fall asleep so quickly after a good run of the obstacle course.