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Carrie Underwood on Quarantine Fitness, Family and More

Quarantine hasn’t been a cup of tea for everyone, but most famous people have been doing just fine. Some of them, like country singer Carrie Underwood, are using this time to share some quarantine and social distancing coping mechanisms. The “Drinking Alone” singer and her husband Mike Fisher have some lifestyle tips to help you and your family get through this difficult time.

Kate Beckinsale Quarantines With Lover Goody Grace

The beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale is a celebrity with a penchant for younger men, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Stars are no longer ashamed to be themselves, and are coming out with some unexpected relationship, such as Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace.

How to Start Knitting And End Up Loving It

Knitting takes time and we’re all too busy doing something outside the house or just watching movies on Netflix. However, most of us still would like to be able to knit a scarf or a hat in their lifetime. Plus, knitting can be very stress-relieving and meditative. You know, perfect for these stressful quarantine times when we have a lot of time to overthink and not much to do.

8 Ways To Overcome Boredom While Staying At Home

Many of us are struggling with boredom these days. While being a millennial or a Gen Z kid might make it easier to stay home and escape into the internet, there are still extroverts who are finding it pretty hard to stay home.

Divorce Numbers Spike In China Spikes Because of Quarantine

Quarantines might be a fairly recent development in Europe and the US, but China’s been dealing with it since last year and people have been stuck at home for a while. Many thought this would mean a baby-boom for the country since you can’t leave the house, you might as well get busy and use your free time to make some babies. But the reality seems to be way less optimistic.

10 Games To Play With Kids While Self-Isolating

Lots of people say self-isolation is hard because they just feel lonely, however, when you’re self-isolating and you have kids it’s a whole other kind of problem. Kids naturally have a lot of energy and they get bored easily. So while they are usually kept busy at school and various after school classes and activities you signed them up for, these days they’re just gonna be bored out of their mind at home and bursting with energy. And you can’t really ignore them all day long, so here are some games you can play with your kids that will keep them entertained.

9 Tips on How to Work From Home From Someone Who Does It Every Day

As COVID-19 slowly begins to affect all of us, many people around the world are finding themselves transitioning from office life to working from home. While doing conferences in your sweatpants can be fun, it’s easy to procrastinate when you’re at home – especially when we’re all anxious and stressed about the state of the world around us. Additionally, it can be hard to set work life and personal life boundaries to achieve that perfect balance. Here are some tips from the pros that have been doing it every day for a while.