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Ivanka Trump In Tortured Poets Era? New Post Reveals Hidden Writing Skills 


When her father left the White House in 2020, Ivanka’s life took a very different trajectory. She has avoided politics since then, and today, she happily lives in Palm Beach with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three kids. Since her father was voted out of office, the former first daughter has attended social events with high-profile friends like Kim Kardashian, gotten involved in charity work, and gone on family adventures like Qatar’s FIFA World Cup and ski trips. 

Ivanka Trump is known for many things, but literary skills are not one of them. In a recent Instagram post, she wrote a caption that proved she might just be having a Taylor Swift “Tortured Poets Department” moment.

Inspired by some gorgeous scenery on the trip she and Jared went on in Utah, the poem read: “Strums of heartstrings blend with the wise wind’s hum/A verse on the breeze, where the endless roads run/In this quiet kingdom of stone and sun/Her spirit’s verse is a melody spun.” 

Earning over 100,000 likes, and commenters wondered who wrote the poem. When Ivanka responded and confirmed it was hers, the compliments came pouring in. One said, “Copyright it if you haven’t already.” “I love it! Please share more! You’ve got talent.” 

Another commented that it “would make nice lyrics to a song.” Even Ivanka’s future sister-in-law, Kimberly Guilfoyle chimed in, but the highest praise came from a fellow poet. 

Ivanka’s poem got praise from Jewel

Iconic singer-songwriter Jewel, who is a friend of Ivanka’s, commented on the nature-inspired piece of writing, calling it “lovely.” If Jewel had commented on a random poet’s work, this might have been surprising, but Jewel has been good friends with Ivanka for years. She and the former first daughter even work together, attempting to convince her father, Donald, to commute the sentence of someone charged with telemarketer fraud. 


Ivanka’s not the only one exploring a new art form—Jewel has been taking painting lessons, moving her talents in a more visual direction.

But why has Ivanka tried her hand at creative writing now? Poetry has always inspired this celebrity—in 2023, she posted on Instagram about how she re-read “The Odyssey” by Homer during the pandemic. Furthermore, she often posts poetic passages on her Instagram Stories. 

Although this was the first time she posted poetry online, Ivanka is a big fan of imagery and metaphors in her writing, frequently including them. When she remembered her late mother, Ivana Trump, in a birthday tribute, her caption read, “Imagining you sailing through the heavens guided by the stars … We raise our sails in your honor, Mom, navigating through life with the compass of your love and intrepid spirit.”

Although her work received many flattering remarks, not everyone had something kind to say. Some had a few anti-Trump digs, while others insulted her rhyme scheme. One critic said, “No talent, only too much, same end … hum, run, spun is awful.”