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Carrie Underwood on Quarantine Fitness, Family and More


Quarantine hasn’t been a cup of tea for everyone, but most famous people have been doing just fine. Some of them, like country singer Carrie Underwood, are using this time to share some quarantine and social distancing coping mechanisms. The “Drinking Alone” singer and her husband Mike Fisher have some lifestyle tips to help you and your family get through this difficult time.

Staying fit

Underwood has her own fitness app called fit52, so this expert has a ton of tips on getting your daily dose of exercise in at home. On Instagram, Carrie shares hyper sped up videos of her and her husband performing their favorite moves. From strengthening weight work to lunges and planks, their workouts are intense, but can be performed with modifications. The soundtrack to their workout was Motley Crue – would that amp you up, or be distracting during a routine?

The app was named based on Underwood’s principle of being healthy 52 weeks of the year, but never feeling that pressure to be “perfect”. This is especially relatable during quarantine, since many people are feeling pressured to be their most productive at a tough mental health time.

Carrie recently released her first fitness book, titled “Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life”. She also has a workout clothing line called CALIA. Maybe we would be more motivated to work out if we have a luxurious home gym stocked with all the goodies (check out that flatscreen) that this star has in Nashville, Tennessee.

Keeping the kids entertained

Underwood and her ex-hockey pro husband have two children. Isaiah is five years old, and Jacob is one. Dealing with two young kids at home isn’t the easiest during this time, but these two have a few strategies that seem to be working.

This singer and her athlete husband have come up with some useful tactics at this time when kids might be more restless than ever. These two aren’t afraid to get a little dirty and play with their kids. Roughhousing with your children is a fantastic way to burn some energy so that they’re not bouncing off the walls later on. If you have a strong hunk of a husband to play airplane with your kids, that definitely helps too.

She has also shared clips of her kids vacuuming and cleaning alongside her in IG stories. Getting them to clean is another productive way to tire the kids out, while getting your house sparkling clean.


Baking to cope

Many of this country lover’s social media posts have been her baking with her son Jacob. Baking with the kids is a fantastic way to keep them occupied and entertained without needing to go outside to expend that pent up energy. Even if you don’t have kids or they’re too young to help bake, you can create your own sweet concoctions at home. Many people are copying challenges from The Great British Baking Show and other competition shows. Compete against family members or a romantic partner – just make sure to follow that baking sesh up with a Fit52 workout!

Underwood has also been sharing recipes that she’s been trying at home, like her delicious tortilla pizzas topped with vibrant veggies. We’ll eat any version of pizza any day, so count us in.

An advocate for social distancing

Carrie Underwood has chosen to self-isolate during this time and is asking fellow celebrities and the public to do the same. There was a challenge going around called the #Istayhomefor challenge, where celebrities show who they’re staying home for. For Carrie, she wrote “my boys,” which could be her sons, but may also include her husband. She tagged Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to continue the challenge. Underwood and Fisher filmed a pubic service announcement on April 1st for residents of Tennessee, pleading fans to “do your part and stay apart.”

We’re sure that this family is having fun being together more than they would usually, due to the busy lifestyle of Carrie and her husband Mike. They’re going with the flow instead of panicking, which is more than most Americans can say.

Stagecoach vs Stagecouch

Underwood was meant to perform at the Stagecoach festival, featuring never before seen work by the likes of Underwood, Eric Church, Ashley McBryde, and others. Due to the coronavirus situation, they turned Stagecoach to Stagecouch, for April 24-April 26 from 12pm to 5pm EST, taking place on SirirusCM’s The Highway, or channel 56.