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12 Positive Changes to Make in Your Relationship According to Your Zodiac Sign


No matter what Zodiac sign you fall under, maintaining a relationship is hard work. There are so many facets to effectively enhance – from communication and listening to trust and respect – that it can take a lot of energy and effort to figure out how to work on your relationship. One tactic that makes this easier is to view your approach to fixing your relationship from the perspective of your Zodiac sign. You may have never thought of the Zodiac calendar as a potential guide to romance and your love life; but utilizing this wealth of information about your personality as well as your partner’s can help you know what needs and goals to focus on accomplishing in your relationship. To understand how your birth month can actually help your relationship, here are 12 positive changes you can make according to your Zodiac sign. 


Due to your solution oriented nature as an Aries, it can be hard for you to think about anything else but fixing a problem once one Arises. You can become fixated on quickly going to war to solve issues, and become callous and insensitive in the process. It’s great to try to alleviate problems in your relationship, but it shouldn’t always take precedence over your partner’s actual feelings. Slow down and listen to the person you love. 


By nature, you are a slow and steady person, who thrives on getting into a routine and excelling through consistency. But your consistency can turn to stubbornness, which can cause your relationship to go stale and boring. Try to switch up your routine with new date ideas, travel, or sensual, intimate encounters. Your partner will feel appreciated and invigorated by your ability to be open and spontaneous. 


Gemini is always looking to have a good time and can be such an exciting partner to be with. They love to keep the mood light with fun and witty conversation and experiences. But this can be problematic for the Gemini if they do not learn to balance their desire for lightheartedness with the natural need to understand and express one’s emotions. Let your partner in on the deeper side of your feelings, and you will be surprised at how receptive they may be. 


You are such a giver that your partner’s needs are likely well taken care of. But as a Cancer, your emotional depth is likely quite deep, while your giving nature limits you from feeling comfortable expressing your emotional needs to your partner. With so much emotion withheld, you can begin to feel unsatisfied and spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Make your needs more of a priority, either with your partner or just by spending time catering to yourself. 


Your outgoing personality as a Leo likely yields you tons of attention and adoration. This is because of your natural charisma, and the time you spend finding ways to get others to focus on you. This can leave your partner in the dark of your shadow, feeling underappreciated or left behind. Share some of your wide spotlight with the one you love, and you will find yourself feeling much more connected and loved than you ever thought you could. 


As a Virgo, your need for effective output and maximum results is one of the wonderful things about you. You can get much accomplished, and serve as a powerhouse driving your relationship towards success. But this can place a lot of pressure on your partner at times, to live up to your expectations. Keep your high standards, but give your partner a break more occasionally, and ultimately learn to accept them for who they are – flaws and all. 



Libras are some of the most knowledgeable signs of all Zodiacs, as they naturally yearn for wisdom and deep understanding. But Libras are also one of the most reserved signs at times, leaving them feeling shy and uncomfortable sharing their deep wisdom. As beautiful as your mind is, let your partner in on the wonderful complexities you have tucked away. 


Scorpios are one of the most passionate signs of Zodiac, but can also be one of the most shy when it comes to showing their partner the fullness of their feelings. Your partner will likely relish in such deep passion and connectivity, but can never experience it if you pretend that your emotions don’t exist. Try to be more open and transparent about what your feeling so your partner can truly understand and love who you are. 


Sagittarius love their freedom, which can make them fiercely independent beings. This can be nice for your partner, as they never have to worry about you being a burden. But because you never want to feel fully committed or tied down, you likely aren’t really devoting yourself to making your relationship the best that you can be. Committing and going all in may feel scary, but could be the key to feeling loved and finding true joy in your relationship. 


Capricorns are great at putting intense singular energy on one thing, and making it happen. But this can lead them to neglect everything else. If your partner is not the one thing you’ve been focusing on, they are probably starved for your attention. Try to find more balance in your focus, making sure to prioritize your relationship higher. 


The Aquarius can be a very dedicated partner, so much so that they become fiercely loyal and committed to their lovers. Such strong commitment can become self-sacrificial if the Aquarius does not remember to take time for themselves. By maintaining your self-care, you will be a better partner and happier person to be around in the end. 


As a Pisces, it is in your nature to be very concerned with the needs of others, especially in a relationship. You can become so focused on making others happy, that you forget or become worried about expressing what you need. Furthermore, you can become upset when your needs are not met, even though you have not plainly expressed those needs. Speak up for yourself by telling your partner what you want, and you will be surprised at the level of reciprocity you can garner.