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9 Reasons Why Bad Men Are Like Junk Food


Bad men are exactly the same as junk food, when you think about it. At first, they look so tantalizing and worth it and you’re sky-high while eating it, but once you’ve had it, the consequences are terrible. And bed men leave you with much more than a stomachache. Here’s why unhealthy food and men are pretty similar to each other.

1. Blame it on the TV

It all starts with TV and false depictions in advertisements and shows. Cheeseburgers, just like men, made out to look so gorgeous and sensitive on television, with all the traits we want in a meal/man. One episode of Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries makes you see the worst men and not care how they would teat you, because, well, look at that 8-pack. If you stop focusing on looks and an unrealistic facade, a good one might come your way.

2. The euphoria is great, but the crash is not

Salt and sugar are the main ingredients in the junk food we all love. These, along with MSG,, make these foods super addictive. But we all know they’re toxic. Still, we just can’t seem to put those chips down until the whole bag is finished, even though we know it’s going to ruin our skin, give us heart disease, and lastly, send us on an emotional roller coaster, just like shady dudes. Girl, the thrill isn’t worth it!

3. Then, the guilt sets in

After you go crazy on a bag of McDonalds, you start to feel some remorse for your actions. Your energy is zapped, you know your water weight is going to be sky-high the next day, but you still couldn’t resist. Like a guy with bad vibes, bad food choices are not fabulous for your self confidence or your mental health, and shouldn’t be a part of your long-term plan.

4. Both make you sick

The wrong man, and the wrong junk food indulgence, can make you physically sick – we all know that nausea. All those preservatives and budget ingredients aren’t good for your body. A man will also make you ill – he’ll make you depressed, anxious, bummed out, and even physically unwell. The solution to feeling better is to start living a healthier lifestyle. Less gross men, and less gross food. Sounds good to us.

5. Always opt for premium over low quality


You deserve a prime steak, baby girl, not a frozen cheeseburger. Choosing a bad man, like choosing a poor quality beef patty, is not a good investment of your time, energy, or funds. Even if he provides financially, are you emotionally satisfied? Don’t allow yourself to be ok with a cheap imitation – you deserve the real deal.

6. Same kind of poison

Some bad guys are disguised as good guys. It takes a while to hone your radar to avoid the drama and sketchiness, but once you do, and start trusting your instincts, life will be so much better. Why search for so much validation when you‘re already awesome on your own? Lowering standards too much can make you switch between different kinds of bad men, which makes you think you’re growing when you’re not. A fish filet and chicken burger is just as bad as a quarter pounder, so hold back and let your hunger build instead of constantly switching up bad options.

7. Being strong is a choice

Willpower is something we all have, but sometimes, it’s hard to enact. Many of us emotionally eat for comfort when we’re feeling bad about ourselves, and the same goes for dating. When we’re not feeling our greatest, we tend to make bad decisions – romantic and food-related. But just like you can kick that hot dog habit, you can kick your toxic man habit. If you find yourself spiralling, remember you are independent and fear no man.

8. Binge dating and binge eating aren’t all that different

When you’ve gone on too many bad dates, it’s like binging too much junk food. You know the results are going to be horrible, but you can’t stop even though you’re very well aware that there’s a train wreck headed your way. One bad hamburger, and soon you’ve eaten the whole menu. One fling with a bad boy hottie, and soon you’re spending every night with a different energy vampire. Slow your roll, and save that energy for a man that deserves it – even in casual scenarios.

9. They both make you fatigued

Men and low-quality food have one thing in common for sure – they both make you exhausted. Junk food causes chronic fatigue to an extent that it can become hard to complete daily tasks. Same goes for a man who is the worst. Even though he’s totally not worth it, he’ll be stuck on your mind all day, making you ask questions like: why hasn’t he texted back? Why does he gaslight me? Why are we always breaking up and making up? Stick with a healthy trail mix instead, and a guy that actually knows how to respect women.