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Where You Will Meet True Love According To Your Zodiac Sign


Sometimes finding the one and only true love of your life seems like an impossible ordeal, but is it really so? Movies, books, and real life relationships tell stories about the most unusual, funny, and unexpected meet-ups that happened out of the blue. It seems like Destiny itself had planned something special for those couples, which means it has some surprises waiting for you, too! So why not turn to the stars for some hints? Here’s where you will meet you true love, according to your Zodiac sign.


Aries ladies are strong-willed and like to live a fast and fruitful life. This means you need a partner that has just as much energy and vitality as you do. Where do you look for a person like that? He’s probably waiting for you downtown where you go on your way to work or somewhere amidst numerous activities you’ve planned for you vacation.


Taurus ladies like to feel grounded in the safety of their home and environment they already know. Your future partner is probably sipping a cup of coffee as we speak in your favourite coffee shop or doing groceries in the market you like so much. Pay attention to the people from your neighbourhood – you true love might be waiting there!


Gemini ladies are smart, intelligent, and shine the most when they have the opportunity to show just how eloquent they are. This means you are a source of great knowledge and wonderful ideas, but you also need a place where you can share those things, all the while learning something new. Classes and workshops are your perfect environment, and that’s also the place where you are likely to meet your true love – a person who will recognize and appreciate all the treasures you have to offer.


Cancer ladies are caring, loving, and will do anything to protect their own. Your partner must have similar qualities because as much as you care about others you also need someone taking care of you. People might have used your loving heart in the past, so now it’s time to find a partner who will respect and protect you. He can be at the dog park, taking his kitty to a doctor, or at the waiting room in a hospital, helping his friend out.


Leos like to be in the centre of attention, so most of their activities put them into limelight one way or the other. It’s true Leo ladies are prideful and like to showcase what they do, but this also means that their future partner is somewhere in the audience, waiting to be noticed. If you’re a painter doing an exhibition, pay attention to the people genuinely interested in your art. It will be a person you’ve already seen around, maybe trying to strike up a conversation. Look at your surroundings!


Virgo ladies love helping others as much as they like being part of a team. Your one and only true love must share the same passion, so you should be taking a closer look at the people attending the same charity events as you are or engaging in volunteer work you like doing the most. It will be a person capable of selfless service – just like you!



Libra ladies are under constant influence of Venus, which makes them appreciate beauty, nature, art, and all things romantic. Your future partner must share the same values so the two of you could build a happy relationship together. See if there is someone you’re connecting with during a stroll in the park or while sipping a cup of hot coffee while sitting on a bench overlooking a lake. It’ll be a person who likes sunsets and sunrises as much as you do.


Scorpio ladies are quite intense and passionate about a whole variety of things be it reading, dancing, singing, or doing their work the best way possible. You ideal partner is someone who can quiet you down and quench that thirst for action and attention. Sometimes it’s just a great listener who can take all your crazy ideas in, filter them, and give wise advice on the topic. You’ll find a person like that in quieter places like libraries, cafes, and bookstores.


Sagittarius ladies are famous for their honesty and bluntness. This means they are hard to deceive and they won’t take any lies from people. Wherever you go, be it a barbecue, a family gathering, or a big party, you can see through people and figure out the ones that are good for you. Your true love is among those people!


Capricorn ladies are ambitious and always strive for the best. This makes you a truly picky dater – your standards are high when it comes to dates and you’re expecting a lot from the people you’re meeting. That’s why your true love won’t be on a carefully planned night out – you will meet him while being out with friends or during an unplanned double date.


Aquarius ladies are spontaneous, creative, and like everything unusual. Their artsy and fearless nature makes them do things out of the ordinary – like visiting a carving master class out of the blue or jumping into a sand sculpture competition uninvited. Remember that you glow the most when you do things that you’re passionate about and that’s exactly when your future partner will meet you. Just follow your heart!


Pisces ladies are curious, passionate, and like all things connected with art. Your artistic nature will take you to art galleries, exhibitions, and painting workshops. As you’ll be looking for a partner with similar interests those are also the places where you’ll find your true love. He might also be at a concert, a book reading, or even at the theatre.