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10 Actors Who Co-Starred In Movies With Their Actual Children


If you are born into a famous family of actors, you’ll likely spend your entire childhood moving from set to set. These famous children are introduced to the movie magic from an early age and often decide to follow in their parents’ footsteps, eventually appearing side by side with their mom or dad in the same movies.

Here are ten actors who starred in films with their children.

1. Will Smith

It seems that both of Will Smith’s children decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Even more surprising is the fact that despite their young age, Willow and Jaden were doing pretty well with their movie careers. Willow starred with her father in I Am Legend, and Jaden was in After Earth as Will’s son.

2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Even though Jolie and Pitt have repeatedly claimed that they would not want their children to pursue an acting career, they’re still happy to give them small roles now and then. When Shiloh was still a baby, she played alongside her dad in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and one of the twins, Vivienne, played the 5-year-old Princess Aurora in Maleficent, starring Jolie.

3. Kirk Douglas

The Oscar-winning father and son have done three collaborations. They first appeared together in Cast a Giant Shadow in 1966, followed by It Runs In The Family in 2003. It may not be much, but Kirk is super old.

4. Blythe Danner

Danner’s son Jake became a filmmaker, and her daughter is the one and only — Gwyneth Paltrow. They both first appeared on screen in 1992’s Cruel Doubt. The second time was the biographical drama Sylvia, where the already well-known Paltrow was the main attraction, and Danner played her mother.

5. Martin Sheen

It’s hard to imagine a better on-screen son/father duo in the movie business. In addition to both being prolific actors, Martin and his son Charlie have starred side by side in 15 projects.


6. Brendan Gleason

In the famous Harry Potter film franchise, you can see two red-haired Gleesons at once. Brendan’s father played Professor Moody, and the younger Gleason played one of the members of the Weasley family — Bill.

7. Sylvester Stallone

The actor’s son Sage Stallone, who died tragically in 2012, showed interest in cinema since childhood and starred alongside his father in Rocky V.

8. Billy Ray Cyrus

Everyone remembers the teen TV series Hannah Montana, but did you know that Miley’s real father played her on-screen dad? You probably knew that one.

9. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

At least three of their kids wanted to follow in their parents’ footsteps. Scout and Talulah starred in Scarlet Letter with their mother. Tallulah also starred with Willis in the comedy The Whole Nine Yards. And the eldest of the girls, Rumer, appeared in Striptease with Demi Moore and in Hostage with her father.

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10. Jerry Stiller

Few people know that the funny old man from the Zoolander movies and The Girl of My Nightmares is actually the father of the famous comedian Ben Stiller. But now you do!