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10 Best Spooky Movie Couples Of All Times


Although there are rom-com couples that many of us idolize, couples in horror movies carry a special place in our hearts. From the dark and edgy to those who persevered through a ghost-filled night, there’s something about couples that go through spooky things together. They’re bonded in a very special way — even if one of them doesn’t make it to the end. There are also less predictable tropes than the ones you find in romantic comedies. From old-school couples to modern characters we ship, here are the best spooky movie couples of all time.

1. Ed & Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring Franchise

Is there anything cooler than a couple who fights ghosts together? These paranormal investigators and demonologists aren’t just fictional characters — they’re based on real people who experienced their own haunting in a secluded farmhouse and used their terrifying experiences to help others dealing with a negative supernatural presence. Now that’s #relationshipgoals.

2. Evelyn and Lee Abbott, Quiet Place

Playing a couple who must live in complete silence to avoid mysterious animals that hunt by sound, Evelyn and Lee have cute moments where they do things like slow dancing with headphones in. Evelyn also manages to give birth in total silence. Even in times of war and hardship, they managed to flourish — that’s true love.

3. Gale Weathers and Deputy Dewey, Scream franchise

Two memorable characters from the Scream franchise, these two first got together in the original “Scream”, with adorable, awkward and natural moments. While these two didn’t end up being compatible in the long term (they acted straight-up distant in “Scream 4”) they’ll always have a soft spot for each other and we’ll always have a soft spot for them as a once dreamy couple.

4. Chucky and Tiffany, Bride of Chucky

Sure, they might not be real people, but these psychopathic little dolls were kind of Bonnie & Clyde in a messed up way. After all, killer doll Chucky was resurrected by Tiffany, an ex-girlfriend of the serial murderer whose soul is inside the toy. Isn’t that romantic? They’re perfectly dysfunctional and made for each other.

5. Morticia & Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

One of the OG spooky couples, these two are the ultimate dark and edgy couple of horror movies. They’re bizarre, slightly unstable, and passionately in love with each other. What else could you ask for? During an era where sitcom couples were constantly bickering, these two were the satirical answer to the conventional American family. They were supportive of their kids and loved intimate, private time together — sounds perfect for us!

6. Barbara and Adam Maitland, Beetlejuice

A deceased couple counts too, right? Haunting their previous home together, Adam and Barbara of the iconic movie Beetlejuice weren’t expecting to deal with the confusing, tumbling, and super freaky world of Netherland. Still, they did alright. As long as you have each other, things aren’t too bad, right?

7. Columbus and Wichita, Zombieland

Played by Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, this couple is thriving in a post-apocalyptic world. However, unlike the previous couple, they weren’t a pre-existing couple before the apocalypse. Although they initially went for each other because they were stuck together, it seems like a decade late in “Zombieland: Doubletap” they’re still going strong.


8. Rick & Evelyn O’Connell, The Mummy

This 1999 movie couple barely makes the list since the film is a blend of genres including action, adventure, and horror. Built on a respectful equal partnership as seems to be common in the horror genre, this film starts with the couple starting off on the wrong foot before they build an unbreakable bond. In the sequel where they’ve been married for several years, they’re just as close as they were in the first film.

9. Frederick and Annabelle Loren, House on Haunted Hill

Annabelle was the fourth wife of millionaire Frederick Loren, who was throwing a haunted house party for his wife. At the party, the couple has no idea about the terror-filled night they’re about to experience together. Luckily, they’re both brave, smart, and have several murder attempts under their belt. After one of them goes off on a terrifying tangent, things become a whole lot scarier.

10. Sally and Jack Skellington, Nightmare Before Christmas

The ultimate cartoon couple, Sally and Jack are excited, joyful, and have a truly ghoulish look to them. To this day, people still dress up like Sally and Jack and that’s because their unique love is still completely unrivalled. That memorable love confession on the top of Spiral Hill still gives us goosebumps.