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10 Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable After A Breakup 


While being famous obviously has its perks, there are downsides to being a star. For instance, you’re always scrutinized by the public and the media. The world watches as you go through breakups and other tough experiences in life, and it’s always waiting for you to say something new, embark on a new romantic venture, and see if it lasts for the long run. That kind of pressure could really get to a person. Many celebrities go through a breakup and come out at the end with an unrecognizable look. 

Whether it’s a new haircut or color,  a change in weight, or a new fashion sense, reinventing yourself after a relationship ends can feel like a rebirth, and no one knows that better than celebs. Here are the most shocking post-breakup celeb transformations. 

1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe was married to Lamar Odom since 2013, but when she filed for divorce, it was only the start of a drama-filled breakup. First, the Kardashian sisters reversed the decision in 2015 when Lamar Odom overdosed at a brothel in Nevada. Then, she filed for a second time in 2016, and her post-breakup glow-up was seriously jaw-dropping. Khloe lost a significant amount of weight, changed her hair color, and started going to the gym. The gym helped her de-stress and also helped her look amazing.

2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand only lasted two years before Brand decided to file for divorce. After the tragic news, Perry stepped out with a bright blue hairstyle, which was a much easier alternative to the blond look she had rocked before. According to Perry, she learned that her ex wanted to break up via a text message but still felt responsible for how things ended. Ultimately, she believed things ended due to the nature of fame, as many relationships do.

3. Zayn Malik

In 2015, Malik called off his engagement to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. He ended it through a text, and the decision came shortly after the announcement that the star was leaving One Direction. Only a week after the breakup, Malik debuted a shorter haircut that was silver, along with a new arm tattoo of a lotus flower.  Then, a year later, he removed some tattoos that were dedicated to Edwards. 

4. Sarah Hyland

Hyland’s breakup was sad news for the public, but it was life-saving for her. After filing a restraining order against her ex Matthew Prokop, who was both verbally and physically abusive towards her. After the two split, Hyland cut off all her hair into a bob, changing her look completely. She also came out with a more sophisticated fashion style and the sense that she had grown up a lot.

5. Blake Shelton

When Blake Shelton divorced Miranda Lambert after a decade of marriage, he experienced some major weight loss as a result. Along with choosing some sharper outfits, he looked like a whole new man. Although he called it the “divorce diet,” his rep explained that he had a new dedication to diet and exercise. 


6. Hilary Duff

In 2015, TMZ broke the news that Duff filed for divorce from Mike Comrie. Shortly after, she dropped her new look on Instagram, a blue-green hair look totally different from her previously blond style, saying that her styling turned her into a mermaid. Luckily, the couple moved through the divorce with love and are still good friends. 

7. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney took a similar route as her sis Khloe when she went through her split with Scott Disick. Unlike her more conservative looks, she took on a much sexier style that showed some skin, lost weight, and began working out more frequently. The Kardashian opened up about the fact that the breakup gave her anxiety, and working out was a great coping mechanism. 

8. Gwen Stefani

Sometimes, going back to your roots after a breakup is the only way to find yourself. After ending her 13-year marriage with Gavin Rossdale, she showed up in a bright blue dip-dyed bob that was reminiscent of her No Doubt days. We still don’t know exactly what happened with her and Ross, but she called it “months and months of torture” in a Cosmopolitan interview. 

9. Saweetie

Rapper Saweetie has been gorgeous from day one, and she often switched up her style. However, she’s never undergone a split as radical as when she broke up with Migos rapper Quavo after two years of dating. After announcing the breakup on Twitter, she elevated her look with a platinum blond buzzcut reminiscent of celebrities like Amber Rose. 

10. Pete Davidson

This tatted-up comedian often experiments with his looks, so we weren’t too surprised when he came out after his breakup with Ariana Grande looking different. The pair moved fast, engaging just five months after being publicly linked; they never actually made it to marriage. After the news broke, Instagram saw Davidson showing off a new blue hairstyle on his hairstylist’s Instagram.