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12 Fun Things You Should Know About Sophie Turner


You probably know Sophie Turner best as Sansa Stark, the sister of Jon Snow and Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, but she’s also been in X-men: Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix, Time Freak, Josie and other movies. She’s beautiful, talented and brilliant and we think you should know more about her life and personality. Do you know what kind of a pet she has? Who’s her best friend? What’s Sophie Turner’s darkest secret? What’s her weirdest phobia? To find out the answer to this and many other questions just keep reading

1. The Basics

Sophie Turner’s age – she’s 23. She was born on the 21st of February 1996, in England.

Sophie Turner’s height is 175 cm.

Sophie Turner’s net worth is over $30 million and it keeps growing thanks to the massive success of GOT.

2. Music Video

Sophie was in a music video for the song Oblivion by Bastille. She didn’t actually sing anything, she just mouthed the words, but it did make many people wonder if she could rap in real life. And she can, she proved it on Vine and on Instagram.

3. Bad Romance

Sophie briefly dated James McVey from The Vamps but that relationship ended badly. The even had a bit of a fight on Twitter where it looked like James was upset about being dumped and Sophie just wanted him to stop texting her.

4. Lost Twin

Sophie was meant to have a twin sister, but she died in the womb. Sophie says she always felt like she’s missing a special person, especially because she has two older brothers who are closer in age and she feels like she’s just on her own.

5. Wedding Dress

Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas earlier this year and we’re all jealous. They first got married in Las Vegas and then had a proper ceremony in Le Château de Tourreau, a 17th century stately home. Everyone went mad for Sophie Turner’s wedding dress. She wore a classy Louis Vuitton wedding gown and looked absolutely stunning.


6. Instagram Following

Sophie Turner has over 15 million followers on Instagram and she doesn’t take it for granted. Apparently, an Instagram account can help you out in showbiz. She revealed that she was auditioning for a project and while she thought the other actress was better than her, Sophie got the role because she had a bigger following.

7. Guilty Pleasure

Sophie is as mortal and all of us and her guilty pleasure is incredibly relatable. She just loves American fast food. When she works in America she treats herself with Chick-Fil-A, In-And-Out Burgers and her favorite drink is Wendy’s Frosty milkshake.

8. Hair Color

While you’re all used to seeing Sophie with red hair as Sansa Stark, her natural hair color is blond. And it’s a pretty blonde too, you’d struggle to dye your hair that perfect color. Sophie prefers her natural locks too, but you know, when you’re an actress you’re expected to dye your hair all the time.

9. Co-star Pet

You might remember that in the show most dogs meet a very sad end, but in real life, Sophie Turner adopted her co-star dog and it now happily lives with her family. Who else can brag about owning a dire wolf?

10. Freaky Phobia

Lots of people are scared of spiders, heights, the dark or the ocean. Some of us are even a bit scared of the new iPhone if you have a slight case of trypophobia. But Sophie is scared of walking over drains. What’s even weirder is how she manages it. Apparently, someone told her to say the word onion when she steps on one and it’ll help her be not scared, so now she does it all the time.

11. Exam Drama

Sophie got her role on the Game of Thrones when she was still a teenager in school and that meant that she had to keep doing homework on set and she even got a tutor to help her stay on point with her grades. What’s funny is that when it came to finals she got most As but she got a B in drama. It just proves that school is subjective, she was on GOT for god’s sake.

12. Tattoo Collection

She’s got 11 tattoos in total. Some are very small, like a letter or a tally mark. She has a bunny tattoo on the back of her arm and a minimalist portrait of a lady on her thigh. But she also has two GOT related tattoos. A Direwolf on her forearm with a quote “ the pack survives” and a flesh-colored tattoo of the date she found out she got the role in GOT. The last one is a matching tattoo with her best friend and co-star Maisie Williams.